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Himachal Pradesh, India

Chanderkhani Pass Trek

Chanderkhani Pass trek begins at Naggar after a short drive from Manali of the left bank of River Beas. Once you reach its peak, the striking view of Deo Tibba overlooking the Malana glen and other snow-capped mountains on the Spiti border will take your breath away. After crossing the Chanderkhani Pass, this trek gets to the Malana village, famous for its reserved social culture.

In order to get to Old Manali, which is the pickup point, you would have to take either bus 17 or 143 from Behlana to Isbt-17 where you will change the bus. This journey will take you 19 minutes and cost you USD1. From Isbt-17, you will take either Bus 206 or 214 to sector 8/18 where you will make a transfer. This journey will take you 3 minutes and cost you USD 1. You will make a transfer to Chandigarh and board Bus 754 to Manali. This journey will take you 4 hours 5 minutes and cost you USD4-8.

No, you do not need a guide but a guide would ensure safety and preparations.

May to November are the ideal months to make a trip to Chanderkhani Pass.