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Sarawak, Malaysia

Cross Border Trek

This journey will take you through the most remote Bidayuh highlands and Kalimantan Villages in Malaysia and Indonesia. Be transported to a long forgotten time when travelling across borders didn't include passport checks and people you met along the way invited you into their homes right from the road.

The closest transport hub to the activity is Kuching, Sarawak. To get to Kuching you can take a flight from many of Malaysia's main airports, as well as a few international ones such as Singapore. The start of the journey is 45 minutes' drive from Kuching town center. The guides will pick you up from your hotel in Kuching.

The route is unmarked, so a guide is necessary to show you the way across the border and back. And even more importantly there is so much more value in meaningful interaction with the people you meet along the way if you can communicate with them - your guide is your interpreter.

A moderate level of fitness is required for a hilly climb in humid conditions.

This can be done all year round, but monsoon season (November to February) does make it slightly more wet.

You can choose from two options: either a 2 or 3 day trek.

There's only one option here - but you can decide on the pace at which you want to go, whether that's a more challenging or more leisurely pace.