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Sabah, Malaysia

Danum Valley Trek

Danum Valley is a perfectly preserved fragment of the world from 130-million years ago, and lays claim to being one of the oldest rainforests in the world. The sun barely penetrates the thick fog and dipterocarp tree canopy, leaving the residents of the valley - orangutans, clouded leopards, hornbills -  to live in their own world. Here you can fully satiate your sense of wonder for the natural world. With a knowledgeable guide you can come a little closer to unravelling the mystery.

You will need to arrive to Lahad Datu which can be reached by air (there are several major airports in Malaysia that have flights to Lahad Datu) or overland by bus. Some providers will pick you up from the airport, others might need you to arrive to the Danum Valley Field Center office which is in Lahad Datu town.

Although you can enter Danum Valley with a guide provided by the park, having a specialist guide will improve your chances of spotting wildlife (from the hornbill to the orangutan) as well as bring you more indepth information about this ancient rainforest - because you will want to share more than just photos. It will also make your logistics (such as booking accommodation and transport) much easier. Please also note that you can't self-drive to Danum Valley as only vehicles that have been approved by the park authorities (e.g. vehicles of travel companies) are allowed.

You should have a moderate level of fitness to make sure you are able to undertake walking and trekking on various types of moderate terrain, including some rough trails. Please make us aware of any medical conditions at the time of booking.

You can visit Danum Valley any time but December when the Danum Valley Field Center is closed. If you can, do try to avoid monsoon season (typically December to February each year) as some of the trails may be closed due to the rain and it's harder to spot wildlife as they hide away during the rainstorms. That said, the timing of when monsoon season is has become more erratic in recent years, and in some years may stretch to April as well. So, if you have any questions or need help in your planning, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

The itinerary of the Danum Valley Trek can be flexible, but you will likely encounter the following options in some form:
- Meeting the sunrise among the trees with an early morning tree canopy walk
- From leisurely to strenuous walks to spot wildlife such as orangutan and hornbills
- Taking a dip in the refreshing Ulu Segama river 
- Night walks in the jungle to explore nocturnal wildlife

Head lamp
Mosquito repellent
Dry bag
Walking shoes
Cash (for any alcoholic beverages or souvenirs that you may like to buy)
Comfortable trekking pack
Water bottle
Basic first aid supplies (e.g. bandaid, ibuprofen, antiseptic and gauze)