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Peninsula Malaysia, Malaysia

Durian Farm

The durian is a true representation of this region. It comes with a hard spikey exterior, a tender custard like interior and undying devotion from the locals. It's hard to understand what the fuss is about until you have a taste for yourself. The best way to get to know a little more about the durian culture is to come to the Malaysian country side for a visit with a fruit orchard. During durian off-season, bask in the idyllic surrounds, see the tall durian trees with heavy fruit hovering some 15 meters above the ground and learn about the iconic fruit. If it's durian season,
challenge your tastebuds and join the locals tucking into the fragrant fruit right at the farm.

The fruit orchards tend to be located in Raub, which is a small town about 100km (a little less than 2 hours drive) north of Kuala Lumpur. The best way to get there is to rent a car or to hail an Uber in KL. To get to KL you can take a flight from any of the major airports in Malaysia and quite a few regional and international ones.

Having someone with a deep knowledge of the agriculture of the region, especially of the nuances of durian growing will give you a much better understanding of what this fruit means to locals and why it's integral to the fabric of Malaysian society.

This is a low intensity activity, your only stamina should be for eating durian.

During durian season which is from October to January and again from June to August. Although the season can vary slightly depending on the crop yield each year.

It's up to you - you can either do a half-day trip from KL or an overnight stay

Insect repellent

On your way to Raub you can find many durian farms and various fruit stands, pass by palm oil plantations. This is an ideal place to get the full picture of the Malaysian countryside.

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