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Sarawak, Malaysia

Sarawak Longhouse

Before you reach the iconic longhouse, the winding roads and flowing rivers will take you through the jungle and countryside of Sarawak introducing you to its cacao and pepper plantations, its wildlife and nature. The tribes people of Sarawak will host and give you a glimpse into their way of life, the center of which is the longhouse, teaching you their way of fishing, weaving and cooking.

All the trips start from Kuching (which can be reached by flight from most of the major airports in Malaysia, and a few international ones such as Singapore). The providers will provide transport from your hotel in Kuching to the longhouse. The time and mode of transportation depends on the option but it could vary anywhere from 2 to 7 hours and range from car to longboat.

A good guide in this instance is like a cultural (and actual(!) as some tribes do not speak English OR Bahasa) interpreter. Although most longhouse residents are very welcoming, it’s only fair to show respect by observing their rules while in their homes. A guide will help you do that as well as provide a rich background on the life style and history of the tribe.

You should be able to handle a few hours of moderate intensity walking or hiking for some of the activities that include hikes to waterfalls.

Depends on the option chosen - you could choose to visit some longhouses on a day trip or you could choose to stay overnight at some of the more remote longhouses.

Mongkos Longhouse: This is a perfect option for someone with limited time and looking to see a well preserved longhouse structure in an authentic environment which is not too far away from Kuching. The 2 day option will give you a little more time with the residents of the longhouse as well as an opportunity to explore the surrounding nature. Longhouse Discovery via Kiri River: This is a wonderful way to get the feeling of a long river expedition (without having to take too much time) and see an authentic longhouse at the end of your journey. The 2 day option gives you an opportunity to spend a night in modest yet welcoming homes of the locals and get to know them better. Batang Ai Longhouse This one is a long journey from Kuching and is for travellers who are looking for something more remote. We actually love the journey as it gives a great overview of the Sarawak landscape. It also lets you experience moving over land and water. The longhouse hosts are more accustomed to entertaining, so spending the night will mean an interesting evening! The accommodation for this option is definitely the most comfortable of all of them. The 3 day option will give you a bit of a break from the travel. Community Trek This is a great option for someone looking to get in a bit of trekking and nature seeing along with experiencing the native tribe life. The 2 day option will also allow you to learn a few more skill such as bamboo cooking.

Kuching is a great place for food. Try Sarawak Laksa at Foody Goody or Fat Cat in a suburb of Kuching or Chong Choon in city center.

Please note that all prices exclude Malaysian Tourism tax of RM10 per room per night. This only applies to non-homestay and non-dormitory accommodation. We totally get you - it's a bother to have to consider this extra charge all the time. We're looking to see if the providers can incorporate this into the price so please be patient with us.