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Wildlife | 1 day

18 options
Kinabatangan River Safari

Kinabatangan River Safari, Malaysia

From US$ 58.95 / person
1 day to 4 days
Incredible wildlife safari
6 options
Maliau Basin Trek

Maliau Basin Trek, Malaysia

From US$ 468.01 / person
3 days to 5 days
Untouched wilderness trekking, Wildlife
2 options
Danum Valley Trek

Danum Valley Trek, Malaysia

From US$ 354.55 / person
3 days
130M-year-old rainforest, Orangutans
1 option
Telupid Forest Reserve Safari

Telupid Forest Reserve Safari, Malaysia

From US$ 520.01 / person
3 days
Clouded leopard, Leopard cat
6 options
Ketambe Orangutan Trek

Ketambe Orangutan Trek, Indonesia

From US$ 90.48 / person
4 days to 5 days
Orangutans, Jungle trekking
126 options
Komodo Islands Boat Trip

Komodo Islands Boat Trip, Indonesia

From US$ 36.55 / person
Less than 1 day to 7 days
7 Wonders of Nature, Komodo Dragon
17 options
Wilpattu National Park Safari

Wilpattu National Park Safari, Sri Lanka

From US$ 28.15 / person
Less than 1 day to 3 days
Off-the-beaten-path, Wild leopards
14 options
Sinharaja Rainforest Walk

Sinharaja Rainforest Walk, Sri Lanka

From US$ 24.71 / person
Less than 1 day to 4 days
UNESCO, Eco-tourism
20 options
Yala National Park Safari

Yala National Park Safari, Sri Lanka

From US$ 39 / person
Less than 1 day to 3 days
Wild leopards, Traveller favourite
11 options
Nusa Penida Fast Boat Transfer

Nusa Penida Fast Boat Transfer, Indonesia

From US$ 12.18 / person
Less than 1 day to 1 day
Fast Boat
1 option
Lombok Waterfall Hike

Lombok Waterfall Hike, Indonesia

From US$ 22.28 / person
1 day
Mini Hike, Benang Stokel Waterfall
1 option
Pilibhit Tiger Reserve Safari

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve Safari, India

From US$ 405.29 / person
3 days
Encounter with Tigers in their Natural Habitat

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