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Sweetest staff! And Wow, incredible tour of the most beautiful reefs and beaches! We got to stay as long as we wanted at each place, which was great as we could enjoy everything to the fullest. Amazing experienc...

Isabell Larsen

Wonderful trip, like swimming in an aquarium, especially when we gave bread to the fish. The captain showed us were to look for fish. The pick up at the Hotel worked out perfectly. Very nice driver and guide Way...


Seek Sophie online site is efficient, fast response and offer reasonably priced packages.
The onsite Mangsit Surf school run by Wan and his family are friendly, trust worthy, and efficient to provide the a...


This is an awesome trip and well worth the money. From the description I actually thought it was a group boat trip however it was a private boat and we spent the day cruising around the three gili islands

Sarah Pratt

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