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Ransack is a Singapore based puzzle game design company. Ransack's Puzzle Hunt will bring you on a journey through a series of captivating games curated to learn about the fascinating stories of Singapore. Join them on a hybrid outdoor adventure, inspired by Escape Rooms & Treasure Hunts to explore Singapore with a unique twist!

What Guests Say

427 reviews

very difficult clues for 1st timer


Andros (our guide) was very knowledgeable and was even in character throughout the mystery. Puzzles and clues were relatively easy. The whole experience was fun for the whole family!


It was very interesting to hear the narrator (Melissa) shared about the various things about Singapore, that I myself as a local didn't know about.
It was hot (Typical SG weather) but it was fun nonethele...


Really fun treasure hunt around all the main sights of little india. Can't wait to try all the other treasure hunts this company offers!


My tour guide Andros was very experienced and it shows in his ability to keep us on task and offer assistance when we needed it. Hint: Do pay attention to what he has to say bc it helps to crack the mystery!!

Crystal Lim

This is a must! We loved it so much and our tour guide was phenomenal!

Ruth McLennan

Enjoyable outing as the event coordinator Vivya from monster day tour escorted us throughout the hunt. She was very helpful too.

Adele Tan

Very fun way to (re)discover Chinatown. Some of the puzzles were really nice to solve, some were a bit easy. But overall a great experience!


Helpful Questions

What are some popular puzzle hunt events in Singapore?
Some popular puzzle hunt events in Singapore include Code X, Escape Hunt Singapore, The Escape Artist, The Escape Room, and Lockdown Singapore.
What is Code X in Singapore?
Code X is a puzzle hunt event in Singapore where participants solve a series of challenging puzzles and riddles in order to uncover hidden clues and ultimately achieve the objective of the game.
How can I participate in a puzzle hunt in Singapore?
To participate in a puzzle hunt in Singapore, you can typically book a game session online or through the event organizer's website. Some puzzle hunts may require advance booking, so it's recommended to check the availability and make reservations beforehand.
Are puzzle hunts suitable for team-building activities in Singapore?
Yes, puzzle hunts can be a great team-building activity in Singapore. They require collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills, making them ideal for fostering teamwork and camaraderie among participants.
What is the duration of a puzzle hunt event in Singapore?
The duration of a puzzle hunt event in Singapore can vary depending on the complexity and design of the game. Some puzzle hunts may last for a couple of hours, while others can span a full day or even multiple days for larger-scale events.
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