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Maliau Basin Trek, Sabah, Malaysia
Maliau Basin Trek, Malaysia

Enter Jurassic Park

Choose from 6 adventures
Toraja Cultural Immersion, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Toraja Cultural Immersion, Indonesia

Experience the way of the ancestors

Choose from 3 adventures
Kinabatangan River Safari, Sabah, Malaysia
Kinabatangan River Safari, Malaysia

Explore habitats of orangutans and elephants

Choose from 19 adventures
Saloma's Village Stay, Sarawak, Malaysia
Saloma's Village Stay, Malaysia

At home with Bidayuh peoples

Choose from 2 adventures
Jungle Survival, Sabah, Malaysia
Jungle Survival, Malaysia

Learn the way of the jungle

Choose from 1 adventure
Cross Border Trek, Sarawak, Malaysia
Cross Border Trek, Malaysia

Trek across borders

Choose from 2 adventures
Mt Tambora Trek, Sumbawa, Indonesia
Mt Tambora Trek, Indonesia

Journey into the Center of the Earth

Choose from 3 adventures
Lakey Peak Surfing, Sumbawa, Indonesia
Lakey Peak Surfing, Indonesia

Surfing's hidden paradise

Choose from 3 adventures
Kiulu White Water Rafting, Sabah, Malaysia
Kiulu White Water Rafting, Malaysia

Meander down the river with friends

Choose from 5 adventures
Sarawak Longhouse, Sarawak, Malaysia
Sarawak Longhouse, Malaysia

Discover the tribes of Sarawak

Choose from 11 adventures
TransFlores Road Trip, Flores, Indonesia
TransFlores Road Trip, Indonesia

One of the world's great road trips

Choose from 6 adventures
Ketambe Orangutan Trek, Sumatra, Indonesia
Ketambe Orangutan Trek, Indonesia

On the trail of the great red ape

Choose from 6 adventures
Komodo Boat Expedition, Flores, Indonesia
Komodo Boat Expedition, Indonesia

Sailing in search of dragons

Choose from 6 adventures
Kawah Ijen Trek, East Java, Indonesia
Kawah Ijen Trek, Indonesia

Witness the volcano light show

Choose from 3 adventures
Mabul Dives, Sabah, Malaysia
Mabul Dives, Malaysia

Dive for shipwrecks, sharks and turtles

Choose from 11 adventures
Mulu Pinnacles Trek, Sarawak, Malaysia
Mulu Pinnacles Trek, Malaysia

The Explorer's journey into caves and jungle

Choose from 2 adventures
Danum Valley Trek, Sabah, Malaysia
Danum Valley Trek, Malaysia

Visit the oldest rainforests on Earth

Choose from 4 adventures
Kinabalu Dives, Sabah, Malaysia
Kinabalu Dives, Malaysia

Learn to dive in colour

Choose from 16 adventures
Kinabalu Snorkelling, Sabah, Malaysia
Kinabalu Snorkelling, Malaysia

Enjoy a world of fish and coral

Choose from 6 adventures
Padas White Water Rafting, Sabah, Malaysia
Padas White Water Rafting, Malaysia

Pure adrenaline white water rapids

Choose from 4 adventures
Mabul Snorkelling, Sabah, Malaysia
Mabul Snorkelling, Malaysia

Explore the colourful Celebes Sea

Choose from 4 adventures
Sipadan Dives, Sabah, Malaysia
Sipadan Dives, Malaysia

Experience the legendary dive site

Choose from 4 adventures
Durian Farm, Peninsula Malaysia, Malaysia
Durian Farm, Malaysia

Experience the King of Fruit

Choose from 2 adventures
Telupid Forest Reserve Safari, Sabah, Malaysia
Telupid Forest Reserve Safari, Malaysia

Unspoiled wildlife safari

Choose from 1 adventure
Manado Dives, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Manado Dives, Indonesia

The underwater photographer's dream

Choose from 8 adventures
Mt Kinabalu Climb, Sabah, Malaysia
Mt Kinabalu Climb, Malaysia

An extraordinary walk on moonscape

Choose from 14 adventures
Wilpattu National Park Safari, North Central Province, Sri Lanka
Wilpattu National Park Safari, Sri Lanka

Enter the enchanted animal kingdom

Choose from 7 adventures
Komodo Dives, Flores, Indonesia
Komodo Dives, Indonesia

Dive into epicenter of marine diversity

Choose from 11 adventures
Kandy Tea Estate, Central Province, Sri Lanka
Kandy Tea Estate, Sri Lanka

Enter mystical tea terraces

Choose from 1 adventure
Driver and Car Hire, Central Province, Sri Lanka
Driver and Car Hire, Sri Lanka

Design your perfect road trip

Choose from 5 adventures
Sinharaja Rainforest Walk, Southern Province, Sri Lanka
Sinharaja Rainforest Walk, Sri Lanka

An untouched eco-tourism treasure

Choose from 8 adventures
Weligama Whale Watching, Southern Province, Sri Lanka
Weligama Whale Watching, Sri Lanka

Watch the playful giants of the ocean

Choose from 2 adventures
Halong Bay Cruise, North Vietnam, Vietnam
Halong Bay Cruise, Vietnam

Sail amidst limestone giants

Choose from 11 adventures
Hanoi-Sapa Express Train, North Vietnam, Vietnam
Hanoi-Sapa Express Train, Vietnam

A train journey to remember

Choose from 6 adventures
Sapa Homestay and Trek, North Vietnam, Vietnam
Sapa Homestay and Trek, Vietnam

Into the mist with hill tribes

Choose from 12 adventures
Mt Rinjani Trek, East Lombok, Indonesia
Mt Rinjani Trek, Indonesia

A challenge amidst surreal beauty

Choose from 12 adventures
Weligama Surfing and Yoga, Southern Province, Sri Lanka
Weligama Surfing and Yoga, Sri Lanka

Ride the friendly Weligama waves

Choose from 11 adventures
Mannar Island Kitesurfing, North Central Province, Sri Lanka
Mannar Island Kitesurfing, Sri Lanka

Ride the wind of Mannar

Choose from 7 adventures
Polonnaruwa Historical Tour, North Central Province, Sri Lanka
Polonnaruwa Historical Tour, Sri Lanka

Learn about an ancient world

Choose from 1 adventure