4D3N Lombok to Labuan Bajo: Uncover Hidden Gems of Komodo National Park

4D3N Lombok to Labuan Bajo: Uncover Hidden Gems of Komodo National Park

4 days 3 nights
Join-in trip
Up to 30 guests
Free pick-up
4 days 3 nights
Join-in trip
Up to 30 guests
Free pick-up
  • Uncover lesser known islands of Komodo National Park with this unique route
  • Sail to Saleh Bay to swim with Whale Sharks
  • Budget-friendly liveaboard trip
  • Kindly be aware that this trip won't commence until March 2024, due to weather conditions. Typically, the journey sets sail from late March or early April through December, on a weekly basis.Booking dates will be made available closer to the sailing schedule. Kindly check again in March.Embark on a remarkable 4-day, 3-night journey from Lombok to Labuan Bajo with Wanua Adventure, ideal for those seeking to uncover the hidden treasures of Komodo National Park. As one of the few excursions navigating this exclusive route, you'll experience lesser-known islands, making it perfect for travelers looking to escape the crowds. The boat capacity can accommodate ranging from 37 to 45 passengers.Inclusions: Komodo National Park entrance fee, government tax, three daily home-cooked Indonesian meals (vegetarian options available), unlimited coffee, tea, and mineral water, and snorkeling masks.What to expect Day 1: Gather at Taman Sari Resto in North Lombok and sail to the tranquil Kenawa Island. Immerse yourself in snorkeling, swimming, and consider a rewarding optional hike for captivating views. Overnight at Bola Island.Day 2: Sail to Saleh Bay to find schools of the great Whale shark and swim together with this majestic creatureDay 3: Set foot on Komodo Island for a chance to encounter the magnificent Komodo Dragons, then head to the picturesque Pink Beach for snorkeling. Complete your day with a scenic hike on Padar Island.Day 4: Unwind at Long Beach and Kelor Island, indulging in snorkeling, beach games, and leisure time. Conclude your adventure in Labuan Bajo between 4:00 - 5:30 PM, depending on weather conditions.Since the location is remote, Wanua may not be able to accommodate more specific dietary requirements (only able to provide Halal, Vegan, or Vegetarian meals) Therefore, we kindly request that you bring any necessary medical supplies or meals catering to specific dietary needs with you.
    What You’ll be Doing
    Day 1:Today you'll depart Lombok and sail to the beautiful Kanawa Island for a short trek
    Day 2:You will snorkel and see Whale Shark
    Day 3:Today you'll get to see the iconic views atop Padar Island, and the beautiful coral-hued Pink Beach
    Day 4:Today you will visit Long Beach for more water activity
    Show Details
    What’s Included
    Entrance fee to Komodo National Park, Government Tax, etc
    3x fresh home-cooked Indonesian meals a day on the boat (vegetarian options are available)
    Unlimited coffee, tea and mineral water (help the environment and use a refill bottle)
    Mask for snorkelling
    Soft drinks and/or beer
    Personal expenses
    Fins for snorkelling
    Show Details
    Where You’ll Sleep
    Wanua Adventure Boat - 30-Person Outdoor Shared Deck
    Wanua Adventure Boat - 30-Person Outdoor Shared Deck
    Sleeps 30
    From S$ 241.24/person
    See details
    Wanua Adventure Boat - Double Cabin
    Wanua Adventure Boat - Double Cabin
    Queen Bed
    Sleeps 2
    From S$ 287.24/person
    See details
    Prices in USD
    Select Time for 26 Feb 2024
    Where We’ll Meet
    Start Point
    Free pick-up from Anywhere in Senggigi (Senggigi, West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia)
    • 09:00am
    • Notes: Pick up service from Senggigi will be between 9-10am.
    +2 other options
    End Point
    • End at Labuan Bajo Harbour (Labuan Bajo Harbour. Paket komodo trip, Indonesia)
    +2 other options

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    4.452 reviews
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    Useful Information
    Start & Ends
    • If Pick-up from Anywhere in Senggigi
      09:00AM on Day 1 - 10:00AM on Day 4
    • If Pick-up from Anywhere in Mataram
      09:00AM on Day 1 - 10:00AM on Day 4
    • If Pick-up from Bangsal harbour
      09:00AM on Day 1 - 10:00AM on Day 4
    Cancellation & Other Policies
    • Cancellation
      As Wanua Adventure would be holding the slot for you and turning down other potential customers, you won’t be able to cancel after you book.
    Suitability / Accessibility
    • Vegetarian food available
    • Child Friendly (No Minimum Age)
    About Your Host
    Wanua Adventure
    Wanua Adventure is a family-run operation that has been operating in Labuan Bajo since 1994. Their boat is basic, but their staff are well-trained and polite.
    Experience: 30 years
    Speaks: Basic English
    Acceptance rate: 83%
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    4.452 reviews

    Helpful Questions

    What should I pack?
    Ankle socks
    Change of clothes
    Insect repellent
    Towels (please note that you'll only be allowed to have a simple rinse shower without soap, because they can only carry a limited amount of fresh water on the boat)
    Trekking shoes
    Hello, do you provide blankets? I couldn’t tell from the pictures if those were blankets or towels. Thanks!
    Cullen, 20 Sep 2023
    Hi Cullen, blankets are provided :) Hope that helps.
    Dear all, me and my friend would like to take the trip from the 29th to the 2nd but we are fliing back home on the 3rd at 9am from Jakarta, is it possible to be at the airport in Labuan Bajo before 4pm?
    Nicola Secco, 28 May 2023
    Hi Nicola, The trip will be finished at 12pm on the last day. Yes it's possible to be at Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo before 4pm on the last day of the trip :)
    Hello, I am really interested in you trip from Lombok to Labuan Bajo. But I have a question: is there any restriction on how much luggage you are allowed to bring (I have a 15kg/60l backpack and a 5kg/20l backpack)? another question is how far in front and in which way I can ask for a pick up service from Mataran? (it would be free of charge right?). And my last question is: are there any other additional fees during the trip that are necessary to pay?
    Lilli Sacher, 15 Apr 2023
    Hi Lilli, you are allowed to bring your 15kg/60l backpack and a 5kg/20l backpack onboard. We have ample storage space available, so there is no need to worry about any inconvenience. Additionally, I would like to inform you that the pick-up service in the Mataram area is free. There will be no additional charges for this service. However, please note that any personal expenses incurred, such as buying souvenirs in Komodo or purchasing snacks, will be your responsibility. Hope it helps!
    I am interested in the 4D/3N tour. At what time does the tour finish in Labuan Bajo? The last plane departs at 17:20, is It posible to take It or better if we sleep the last night in Labuan Bajo?
    Javi, 24 Mar 2023
    Hi Javi, You'll arrive back at Labuan Bajo between 4-6pm. The timing is not exact due to the unpredictability of the weather conditions, such as wind, wave, and current of the sea. We highly recommend that you consider staying one night in Labuan Bajo after the completion of your trip to avoid missing your flights. Hope it helps.
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