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10 Tips While in Labuan Bajo

All the tips you'll need to know while in Labuan Bajo!

If you have been to Bali, Labuan Bajo is said to be just like it - minus the crowd. This quaint town will allow you to slow down and to unwind while you’re there! In this mini Labuan Bajo guide, you will find many useful tips to help you travel efficiently while you’re there!  


1. Buy your sim card at Labuan Bajo or at Jakarta airport 

Caleb and I have found that the prices to buy a sim card at Labuan Bajo or Jakarta airport does not have much of a difference. The only thing you may want to take note of is that at Labuan Bajo’s airport, there is only one booth and staff to help you connect your SIM card. So if you have a tight schedule from the moment you land, we would advise settling your SIM cards directly at Jakarta airport while you’re waiting for your flight. 

2. Do not order ice

This is a pro tip from a local in Labuan Bajo. To prevent any upset tummy or food poisoning, do not order your drinks with ice. Most of the ice that is being made at the local night market and food stalls are made from seawater. This tip has successfully worked even while we ate at local food stalls and the night market. 

3. Seasickness

It will be good to carry some sea sickness pills, wristband or ointment even if you may not be prone to getting seasick. During the night, the water can be pretty choppy till the point that one could get a little seasick. If you may have forgotten to bring along any seasickness pills, fret not! You can check with your captain or boat crew to see if they have any in the first aid box. 

4. Confirm a price to your destination before hopping onto an ojek or a taxi 

Agreeing on a price might be a little daunting and tricky to some especially if the locals have little understanding of English. We have found it useful to use your phone to state your agreed price before hopping onto your ride. This is so that they will not try to charge you more than the regular rate. We were told by a local that to get from the main airport to town, it’ll cost about 50,000 IDR per person. 

5. Expect Contrasting fees 

There are just so many hidden and contrasting fees on a day to day basis while you are visiting Komodo islands. Whether you are planning to pay the Komodo dragons a visit to hiking up a short trail to see the view, the fees will change depending on the staff working. We would recommend for you to get a guide to help you translate and to be offered the best possible price. 

6. Snorkelling & Diving are a must

Home to many divers and ocean lovers, Labuan Bajo is a hot spot for those who love the sea. The waters are clear and you’ll get to see many amazing sea creatures and corals. One will never leave this place disappointed. You can read up more about our diving trip here. 

7. No headlights or street lamps along the streets

Although it is relatively safe to walk in the night without any street lamps in town, be sure to carry around a portable torchlight or the torchlight function on your phone if it gets too dark. Be wary of motorbikes or cars driving out in the corners while you are crossing the roads. Fun fact: There are only two traffic lights found in Labuan Bajo. 

8. No mosquitoes found in Labuan Bajo 

What a sigh of relief! You don’t have to waste money on buying tons of mosquito repellent or mosquito patches. While we were touring around Labuan Bajo for a week, we did not get bitten once. 

9. Best time to visit is June till September 

Between June to September, Labuan Bajo will be bright and sunny which makes it perfect to travel along the coastline to visit the various islands or to go snorkelling and diving till your heart’s desire! 

10. Wear good and sturdy shoes

Do not be fooled by all the pretty pictures of an overview of Labuan Bajo. It will cost you good cardio during your visit. Many of the treks and hills in Labuan Bajo do not have proper steps and they are mostly like the ones as shown above. It is very important to wear a pair of shoes that has got a good and sturdy grip to prevent any slips while you’re ascending and descending from the hike. 


Afterword: This article was written by Michelle, who has a heart for adventure and learning more about the various cultures around the world. She’s always curious about learning and is a self-proclaimed student-on-the-go wherever she goes. 


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