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Getting from Gili Islands to Komodo National Park

There are a couple of ways, depending on when you're going, how much time you have and how adventurous!

A lot of people ask whether it's possible to get to Komodo National Park from the Gili Islands. The short answer is that there is no direct boat sailing directly from the Gili Islands to Komodo National Park. But there are a couple of indirect (and pretty painless!) ways to get to Komodo National Park from the Gilis! 

Getting from Gilis to Komodo National Park

There's no boat sailing to Komodo National Park directly from the Gili islands (i.e. Gili Air, Gili T or Gili Meno) in Lombok. So you can't do the trip directly from the Gilis to Komodo National Park. However you have a couple of options that are pretty pain-free!

So if you're coming from the Gilis, depending on the month you are visiting, you can either:

Option 1: Start a trip from Labuan Bajo (these boats sail all year round); or

Option 2: Start a trip from Lombok (these boats only sail April-Dec each year)

Year-Round (Jan-Dec) - Sail from Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park

Sailing from Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park gives you the most choices! 

Getting to Labuan Bajo from Gili:

Take the ferry from the Gili islands to Lombok (30 mins to 1 hour), and fly from Lombok to Labuan Bajo (1.5 hours).

Boat Trip options:

Going from Labuan Bajo gives you the most flexibility and choice as most of the Komodo trips start from Labuan Bajo. If you go from Labuan Bajo, you can choose from a wide range of trips - Basic/Standard, Deluxe or Luxury, and 1-3 Days.

Please note that Jan-March is rainy season in Komodo National Park so if you're visiting from Jan-March, we would advise going with the 1-day speedboats that run the lowest risk of cancellation due to the weather.

April to Dec - Sail from Lombok to Komodo National Park

If you take the 4D3N trip from Lombok to Labuan Bajo through Komodo National Park, you'll get to make a stop at Moyo Island - an incredible hidden paradise

Getting to Lombok from Gili:

Take the ferry from the Gili islands to Lombok (depending on where you are in Gilis, it'll take 30 mins to 1 hour). At Lombok you can start your boat trip through Komodo National Park, ending up in Labuan Bajo. 

Boat trip options:

You only have two boats that are doing Lombok-Komodo National Park route (taking between 3-4 days). Both boats are fairly basic so you'll need to be prepared to rough it out! However, both boat itineraries are more off-the-beaten-path as they go from Lombok so you see different islands from the other boats going from Labuan Bajo. If you like roughing it out, and you love adventure, we would highly recommend taking the boat trip from Lombok to Labuan Bajo! 

If you would like to do a trip to Komodo National Park, Seek Sophie has over 100 options for you to choose from! 

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