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How are Komodo National Park Fees Calculated?

It changes all the time but here's a rough guide

Komodo National Park fees are complicated. They depend on: the islands visited (which is weather dependent), whether it's a weekday or a weekend, whether the guest is a foreigner or a local, and the number of people on the boat (as ranger fees are shared). This is why no two people will tell you the same number when asked about fees! 

The fees are also complicated by the fact that they're set by the national government and paid directly to Jakarta. So there is little visibility on changes from time to time. 

This is why we usually advise international guests to bring cash of between IDR 350K to IDR 460K per person per day for weekdays and between IDR 400K to IDR 520K per person per day for weekends. This is more than you need, but it avoids you ending up short of cash if the boat doesn't have too many people or the fees suddenly change! 

Here's a rough breakdown of Komodo National Park fees

This is by no means exhaustive or set in stone but here's a helpful breakdown put together by one of our local partners in late-2019. The amounts may fluctuate (though will not be USD 1000 without us letting you know!) but this gives you a rough idea of how the fees are broken down. 

We would advise guests to bring a higher amount than set out in the table bearing in mind the unpredictability of Komodo National Park fees - and so that they don't end up caught off-guard by any day-to-day increases, and short of cash!

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