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Is Komodo National Park Open in 2020?

Yes it is!

Even though you've read in the news that the local government had plans to close Komodo Island, the Indonesian national government in Jakarta (which is the ultimate authority over Komodo National Park) has announced in October 2019 that they will not be closing the island.

It's rainy season from January to March in Komodo so you might have heard that there are no tours going out during this time. This is also not true. While the 3D2N boats generally are not going out during January to March, the 2D1N boats and the 1-day boats are still going out daily, except where there is a cancellation if the weather is unsafe to sail. 

Many people also ask about the likelihood of cancellations. The wooden boats (used for the 2D1N trips and the 1-Day trips) are more likely to cancel as the wooden boats are less stable. The 1 Day speedboat trips run the lowest risk of cancellation (though still a risk!) as they are the most stable. In 2019, over the period of Jan-March, about 10% of 1-Day Speedboat trips were cancelled, whereas it is closer to 30-40% for 2D1N boat trips. 

So if you're planning a trip to Komodo National Park, don't worry about the mixed signals in the news! It remains very much open and is one of the most special places in the world to visit. 

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