8 Interesting Ways to See Wildlife in Singapore

For those who love watching National Geographic, we are here to bring the flora and fauna to life!

Last updated: 02 Mar 2022 - 3 min read

Under the skyscrapers and bustling city of Singapore lies a hidden treasure trove of wildlife - follow us on our journey to discover the rich biodiversity of this Little Red Dot. 


Meeting Marine Creatures in Pulau Hantu 👻

Ever wondered what our oceanic friends are like in their natural habitats? 🦀

This intertidal exploration at Pulau Hantu - otherwise translated as the chilling ‘Ghost Island’ 👻 - is the perfect adventure for you. Waiting to befriend you are hermit crabs, starfishes, and many other interesting creatures. Look out, you may even find a mermaid...😮


Night Rainforest Adventure with Flying Colugos

Bukit Batok Nature Park houses a variety of creatures from frogs, water snakes — but the most iconic are the colugos (flying lemurs) gliding from tree to tree! 🌳 This adventure in the dark is made for those who love to learn more about Singapore’s wildlife and nature. 😉


Bike your Way Through Pulau Ubin’s Wildlife

If you’re an athletic one, this adventure is made for you! Explore the beautiful biodiversity and way of life in Pulau Ubin - while cycling. 🚴🏼‍♀️ Get ready to pedal past the heritage, wildlife and flora of this rustic island. You can even cycle to the highest lookout point in Ubin and enjoy the scenic views! 🏞


Discover the Night Walk in SG's lesser known Mangrove Park

Shh! It’s dark out. 🤫 Are you a night animal looking to meet other creatures like yourself? 

In Pasir Ris Park’s mangrove forest lies the nocturnal family of owls, mollusks, frogs, and many more.  The guides of The Untamed Path will be leading you in every step of this mysterious trail. Get ready for an experience of a nighttime! 🌙


SG's Lesser Known Mangrove Walk (Day Exploration)

On the other hand, if you’re afraid of the dark but would still like to traverse the wonders of Pasir Ris Park, you can also head over in the day! With the guide of an experienced facilitator, be introduced to the varied species of animals on an eye-opening 1.5 hour adventure. 🐦


Go on an Intertidal Expedition at Changi Beach

Want to get up close with tiny marine creatures you might not have seen before? 🐠

This intertidal walk at Changi Beach brings you up close to some of the coolest, prettiest, and weirdest marine creatures to exist! From starfishes to sand dollars, flat fish to hermit crabs - all credit goes to the guides at The Untamed Paths for making it so easy to discover these fascinating animals. 👏🏼


Dive into the Bizarre Wetlands of Sungei Buloh

Ever dreamt of a magical forest in the middle of a sea? ✨Of tree-climbing crabs, and fishes that are enjoying their time on land? 

Turn your dreams into reality and head over to Sungei Buloh, one of Singapore’s last remaining mangrove forests! 😛 With the help of an experienced guide, get ready to be introduced to some of the most peculiar animals to exist!


Summit Hike through Bukit Timah Forest Reserve

Calling those who dream of climbing to the top of Mount Everest one day! Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is not only the highest peak in Singapore, but also one of the last primitive natural rainforest full of flora and fauna. Grab your best hiking shoes, and get ready for an escapade!

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