Cool Things You Can Still Do in Phase 2!

We're all bummed out about needing to cancel our special plans, but there are actually loads of awesome things you can do in P2HA.

Last updated: 02 Mar 2022 - 5 min read

Enjoy 70%-off Yacht Trips!

There's a ton of amazing yacht deals for 2 persons (or 4 from the same household) at the moment. You can get your own private yacht from $238! Being out in the open seas, enjoying water activities, having a picnic on Lazarus - an afternoon out will leave you recharged and feeling like you're travelling again. If you're looking to go with your family, some of the yachts do allow up to 4 or 6 from the same household!


Surprise a Loved one with a Private Rooftop Movie

If your special birthday plans got cancelled, how about surprising your significant other with a private rooftop movie? Here you can picnic, chill and enjoy your favourite movies for the evening at a secret rooftop venue - all to yourselves. It's definitely a night you'll remember! It's also pet-friendly so feel free to bring your pet along!


Learn to Make Cocktails @ Home!

Can't go out to a bar? No problem! You can up your cocktail game with a private bartending session at your own home. Your cocktail teacher will provide all the equipment and drinks. Your newfound bartending skills will come in super handy while bars & restaurants remain closed, and will also make you a favourite dinner party host among friends when things reopen!


Make Wood Fire Pizza @ Secret Supper Club

If you really miss eating somewhere other than your dining table, how about making and eating pizza at a cool secret supper club? This home-based supper club is able to accommodate 2 guests at a time at their pizza making class. During the class, you will learn how to make the dough from scratch and cook incredible pizza in an actual wood fire pizza oven. It's a great way to spend time with a friend or with your family.


Let Off Steam with Graffiti

If you're looking to try something that few have tried before, how about graffiti?! It's a super fun way to just let loose, and de-stress with a friend, or on your own! Even if you aren't very arty, you will definitely enjoy the super therapeutic process of spray painting your very own creation on a wall. Perfect if you're looking to do something on your own or with a friend.


Explore Singapore's Hidden Marine World

Have you ever heard of Singapore's intertidal zones? Nor had we until recently! These intertidal zones are home to some of the coolest, cutest and weirdest marine life we’ve seen in our life. These experiences take place super early in the morning since you can only do them at low tide - so when's a better time to do it than when we're all going to bed early?! We promise it's worth it. You'll learn lots, plus come away with a newfound appreciation for Singapore's epic wildlife.


Learn Pottery in a Zen Garden Studio

Pottery is definitely the hot thing to do at the moment. Most of our friends have now done at least one pottery class, and are looking to do more! We totally get it. Not only is pottery making super therapeutic, you also get to bring own beautiful pieces to use. In this super unique option, you get to learn pottery in a private session in a beautiful garden setting.


Kayak into Untouched Nature

This has been our favourite thing to do in this past year. Being able to slowly kayak into untouched nature - mangroves, secret islands - has been incredibly calming and restorative for us. If you're lucky you may spot some wildlife along the way! This is suitable for beginners with no kayaking experience. Bonus: you can bring your pet along on this adventure!


Explore Abandoned Relics like Indiana Jones

If you've done the usual PCNs, Bukit Timah and MacRitchie, and are looking for a less crowded and more adventurous experience, you should explore these hidden war ruins. Most of these relics are hidden away from the public, and uncovering them feels like you're an explorer discovering new lands. Great for families, a date or with a friend.


Ride the Waves on a Hydrofoil

You may have surfed before, or tried sailing, but have you tried a hydrofoil? Hydrofoils are battery-powered surfboards which allow you to experience flying and gliding above the water! If you love watersports or are curious to try something new during this time, this is perfect for you.


Take a Date for Art Jamming

If you're looking for a chilled date idea now that cafes are closed, why not try out art jamming? We know friends who swear that Art Jamming is the best way to spend a date! Not only can you chill out in a zen studio together, chat at your own pace, but you can also create an awesome piece of art. Great for friends and families too.


DIY Your Own Soap at Home!

If you have younger children at home, and are looking for a fun way to spend time together - how about a home DIY kit? There are lots of fun home DIY kits choose from - you can make candles, a terrarium, grow your own mushrooms - but our favourite is making quirky soap! It's a great way to teach little ones how common household items are made, and you will have super cute soap to use in your home :)


Explore Mangroves with a Naturalist Guide

We've all been to Sungei Buloh multiple times now, but have you ever been with a naturalist guide? Mangrove forests are one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth and a naturalist guide will help you better understand the ecological impact of mangroves, and the incredible wildlife it sustains. It's great for nature lovers looking to more deeply understand these complex ecosystems, and also for families (in groups of 2!).


Take Your Pet on an Adventure

We love our pets at Seek Sophie, so we have lots of pet-friendly options! But one of our favourites has to be taking out pet to explore hidden WW2 bunkers. It can be muddy (depending on the rain), it's super adventurous, and you get to see a whole different side to Singapore! It's a super fun day out - for couples, for furkids, and for families with children!

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