Gifts for Him

Gifts that he'll be bragging to all his friends about

Last updated: 22 Nov 2022 - 5 min read

Here are some special gifts for special guys, whether they are explorers, techies or food geeks. We promise they're all cool and uniquely brag-worthy 😉

All gift experiences have 1-year expiry so your loved one can redeem them stress-free! They also support our awesome community of local businesses, and are carbon-neutral :)


Fly on Water!

This is perfect for the boyfriend who loves adventure sports. eFoil surfboards are battery-powered surfboards with a mast and motor under the water. This pushes the boards up at speed, giving you the feeling of flying -- and complete freedom to go wherever you want. Basically - you're giving the gift of flying on water!


Kayak into Wild Places & Field Cooked Lunch

If you have an outdoorsy guy in your life, this is a great gift. We sometimes call this a kayaking omakase - not because you get a 10-course meal, but because you never know what route you're going to get. You need to trust your kayaking guide! Clarence your guide has a real sense of adventure and loves showing his guests new hidden areas of Singapore. To amp up the adventure, you'll also enjoy a field-cooked lunch on one of the islets along the way - nothing fancy, but we think you'll enjoy it after your adventure! This is great for avid explorers.


Be Like Indiana Jones

If you have an outdoorsy guy in your life who used to (or is starting to do so again!) plan hiking holidays, this is an amazing gift. This is a super off-grid hiking trip to explore hidden war ruins, that will make your guy feel like he's Indiana Jones. He'll get to squeeze his way through tiny & damp war bunkers, see the gorgeous Instaworthy Keppel Hill Reservoir, and search for an ancient Japanese tomb.


Brew Craft Beer

Does your guy love craft beer? If so this is the perfect gift! In this craft beer making experience, he'll learn all about malts, hops and yeast and how to design and create those flavours he loves. Bonus - he'll also get to take home 1.5 litres of their own yummy brew to share with you!


Gin Tasting

This is great fun whether or not your guy loves gin! It's a cool location and a really fun way to spend the afternoon. At this gin tasting session, he'll get to smell gin ingredients and later identify them in the gins, try out homemade bitters (with cool flavours like szechuan peppers and cinnamon), and get to taste a LOT of drinks. It's even more fun as a shared experience, so you should definitely go along!


Learn Longboarding

If you're looking for something for an outdoorsy or sporty friend, how about letting them try out longboarding? It's something new, lots of fun and they'll let to learn cool techniques. The instructors are also super patient and good natured.


Learn Sailing!

This is an epic gift if your guy has ever wanted to learn to sail (who hasn't?!). Here he'll have a chance to learn sailing from a veteran sailor who has been sailing since the late 1960s on a 40+ footer Keelboat. He'll discover the sensation of being out on the water, wind filling the sails, harnessing the power of nature and relying on his skills and expertise to steer the boat. Best part? This is a private sailing yacht charter so you can go with him!


Outdoor Rooftop Movie with Cocktails

This is one of our favourites for a special surprise celebration! Here, you'll have a beautiful secret rooftop garden all to yourself, where you can enjoy a private movie under the stars 🤩 This comes with 3 cocktails per person, and the host will provide a screen, projector and Apple TV (so you can stream movies from your own Netflix account). You can also bring your own picnic, or order food to be delivered!


Go Kayak Fishing!

Do you know someone who loves fishing? We bet they haven't tried the super cool & unique activity of kayak fishing! Here, your guy will fish along the shores of Sentosa for bottom fishes - parrot fishes and groupers are especially common on this route. If they're lucky theymay also catch a glimpse of a hawksbill sea turtle along the way! No experience of either fishing or kayaking is needed, but note that this is paced like a light morning jog.


Fun Axe Throwing Session

This is actually really fun on a date night - so it'll be great for both you and a significant other! Axe throwing is a surprisingly a great way to have fun and is both silly and therapeutic at the same time.


Cocktail Mixology Session

Cocktail making is a classic gift that anyone would love (unless they don't drink of course!). Here your guy will get to learn from Singapore's top bartenders how to mix cocktails masterfully. Afterwards they'll also enjoy drinking what they create ✌🏻 We promise it'll be a fun (and tipsy!) afternoon out.


Get Muddy in Hidden Underground Bunkers

This exploration of hidden WW2 bunkers is an amazing father & child activity! Here your guy will get to explore bunkers so hidden in a forest that there isn't a single walking trail leading to them. It's not a difficult trek but it's very off-piste. It's made extra fun by their guide who loves coming up with side challenges to make the expedition even more challenging! But just so we warn you - your guy will come home pretty muddy! 😉


Learn to Make Yummy Kombucha

If you know someone who loves Kombucha or eating healthily, this is a great gift! This is a 2-hour introductory Kombucha workshop with Singapore's homegrown microbrewery. Learn how to handle the cultures so that you can replicate the magic in the comfort of your home. Perfect for Kombucha newbies, food geeks and wellness junkies :)


Art of Coffee Making

Do your guy need his morning cuppa like clockwork every day? If so, get him this coffee masterclass to up his coffee game! In this quick 2-hour coffee masterclass he'll learn all about the different types of coffee beans, the secrets of coffee brewing, and even how to store coffee beans for maximum freshness. Bonus - he'll also learn how to make pretty latte art!

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