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Transportation in Labuan Bajo

All you need to know about transportation in Labuan Bajo!

Getting around Labuan Bajo is relatively easy as most of the places are walkable distances. It is fairly easy to hire a car taxi or a motorbike taxi. One might be familiar with Grab, Uber and Gojek. But here in Labuan Bajo, they call it Ojek. You can either download the app called ‘Ojek’ on your mobile phones or if you see any motorbikes or taxis on the road, you can just go up to the drivers and ask if they are able to take you to your destination. 

Typically, they are really good at spotting tourists, so most often they’ll be the one to approach you if you need a ride off somewhere.

1. Ojek (Motorcycle)

What we liked 

How efficient and reliable they are. They were really quick and the ride to our destination was so seamless. 

What we didn’t like

When we reached our final destination, one of our riders saw that Caleb and I had an extra 20,000 IDR in our hands. He then proceeded to ask us for it as a form of tips. Initially, we declined his requests but soon caved in. Ojek driver: 1, Caleb and Michelle: 0. 

Price range

When Caleb and I were approached by an ojek rider from the streets, he was trying to quote us over 100,000 rupiahs. Thankfully, we found out from a local that the price from the airport to our accommodation (Green Hill Bed Station) which is only less than 10 minutes of a ride away should only cost about 50,000 per person, for tourists. 

Where to locate them?

You can download the Ojek app on your mobile phones or you could hail them by the roadside. 


2. Taxi 

What we liked 

Caleb and I only took a taxi on our final day to the airport. We realised upon paying that it was the same price as hiring a motorbike. The ride was smooth and we got to busk in the air-conditioners. 

What we didn’t like

There is nothing that we can pinpoint to not like about this mode of transport. We only wished we had done it earlier.  

Price range

One of the locals managed to help us call for a taxi from Escape Bajo to the airport on our last day. It was only 50,000 for both of us for a 10-15mins ride to the airport. 


3. Boat 

What we liked 

This is only required if you are travelling to the various islands across the oceans such as Komodo National Park and the nearby islands. You can select from booking a one-day boat trip around Labuan Bajo or you can do two days one night trip around Labuan Bajo. Caleb and I personally loved the two days one-night boat trip because we had enough time to view the different islands and to immerse ourselves in the moment without having to worry about not having enough time. We went with Rafida Liveaboard boat. They provided food onboard and had comfortable bedding and shower facilities. 

What we didn’t like

There’s really not much to say in this department. Our stay was really pleasant and the crew took great care of us and saw to meet our needs every single day. 

Price range


Prices regarding the trip vary depending on how long you are planning to stay in Labuan Bajo. But fret not, if you are not keen on visiting the various islands and would like to just clock in some snorkelling or diving time, if you sign up with a diving company such as idive (insert link), they will provide a boat for you and some would even provide meals and drinks onboard the boat. 


(link to the ss adventure page) 


4. By feet 

What we liked 

You can appreciate the quaint beauty of Labuan Bajo at your own pace and to immerse yourself in the city with the locals. This was one of my personal favourites to do after a long day. Best of all, the shops and food eateries are not too far away from each other as well. 

What we didn’t like

The weather. If you are walking under the hot afternoon sun, be sure to apply layers of sunblock to prevent any sunburn or ugly tan lines. 

Price range

Free of charge. The only price that you’ll be paying for is the price of some serious cardio or work out session. 



Afterword: This article was written by Michelle, who has a heart for adventure and learning more about the various cultures around the world. She's always curious about learning and is a self-proclaimed student-on-the-go wherever she goes. 


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