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Visiting Komodo National Park on Your Period

It's a common concern, but there's nothing to worry about!

You might have read online that you need to be cautious when visiting Komodo National Park on your period, as Komodo dragons are attracted to the smell of your period. We get that question a lot so you're definitely not alone in worrying about it! The short answer is: there really isn't anything to worry about. 

If you get out to Komodo Island or Rinca Island (where the dragons are), you'll see that the dragons are pretty soporific as they are pretty well fed. Whether it's from the park rangers' leftovers, or on the wildlife on the islands, they have more than enough to eat and when they're full, they just like lazing around in the sun! 

So whether you're on your period or just keen to take a picture of the dragons, the dragons are more concerned with sunbathing and digesting their food than with bothering you. Of course, for the welfare of the dragons, you shouldn't get too close to them as that might make them uncomfortable. 

You also don't need to tell your guide that you're on your period either!

Finally, the one thing that you might want to note is that you can't get tampons in Labuan Bajo (at least not at the time of this article). So if you use tampons, you might want to pack extra before your trip!

If you would like to do a trip to Komodo National Park, Seek Sophie has over 100 options for you to choose from! 

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