Hands On Klay

Hands On Klay's creative handmade jewellery workshop is a great opportunity to make something really beautiful, whilst having fun and learning a new skill. Learn the art of handmade jewelries with Hands On Klay's friendly instructors - who will guide you through useful polymer clay making and designing techniques. Their hands-on, skills based workshop will encourage and inspire your creativity. Bring your friends along or come along to make some new ones, there is always the promise of fun, laughter and a good chit chat.​ Interestingly, they don't sell any jewelries but rather, just the workshops, as they're more focused on bringing you the experience and knowledge to make your own!
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4.9 / 5
41 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.9 out of 41 helpful reviews

Was a great bonding session with my girl. We are both first timers in making earrings. The instructions were easy to follow and were glad with our final products.

Rachel Chong
09 Dec 2021
I love buying cute/interesting polymer clay brooches and have a whole lot in my collection. So I wanted to try my hands at making them instead. I have to really thank Samantha for her guidance and patience during the workshop. I was actually very nervous going for the workshop because I am not very artistically inclined hahahahaah. I have zero talent and even lesser patience Hahahaah 😄. But Samantha made me feel comfortable and her explanation during the demo was clear. Which made me enjoy the class very much! I have signed up for the marbling class and I’m really looking forward to it.
Riesta Kakiay
20 Feb 2021
Was quite disappointed with the HOK, especially when it had such a stellar record. I don't know if anyone had similar experiences, but this was what happened: Saw the workshop via Fave thinking it was a floral design workshop which is what HOK is known for. Unfortunately, I realised that it was a marbling workshop (not stated on Fave or my email confirmation) the day before when they sent the workshop reminder. I'll admit that I shouldn't have assumed but the information on Fave could haven be clearer? Or at least send a the confirmation details earlier so that this could be avoided. Requested to change the workshop (they are of the same price) but was rejected. My friend and I were quite disappointed even before we started the workshop. But we also understood that this was an honest mistake on both sides so we decided to let it slide. Unfortunately, the disappointment did not end there. Went for the workshop and asked if we could do 2 pairs of earrings instead of 1 pair of earrings and 1 necklace. The instructor kindly allowed us to do so and told us to choose 4 colours (3 if you're only doing 1 pair of earrings). So I chose 4 colours, thinking I could do 2 different designs. It was only after we roll the clay that we were told that we were to twist all the colours together to create 1 design. Huh, at least tell us when we requested to do 2 pair of earrings that the design must be the same leh. Isn't it normal for people to assume 2 pairs of earrings = 2 different designs? So I ended up with a mismatched colour theme. But ok nvm, take a deep breath and continue. The next step was to cut out the shapes from the marbled clay. The class began to request for solid colour pieces too and this was when we realised we were not able to do so. "This is a marbling class so all the designs must be marbled". I know we are learning marbling technique lah but the whole earring no need to be marbled mah. But I guess it's because they will need to provide us with additional clay if we were to have solid colours so they were reluctant? Which ok, fine I can understand. So I asked if I could top up money to purchase more clay. At this point, I was like TAKE MY MONEY I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY WITH MY END PRODUCT. But nope, was rejected. Felt my heart sinking because this was the 2nd time my design (3rd, if you count the my expectation to be doing floral earrings before the workshop started) got thwarted due to unclear terms/instructions. Then halfway through, we realised eh how come like tassels, ribbons and other accessories weren't provided ah? This one was clearly written on Fave hor. The instructor then told us that additional accessories are not provided until I showed her the Fave details. It was only then she brought out the tassels (only got tassels... so much for the description on Fave). Imagine if we hadn't realised or asked about this :( Btw, on hindsight I realised that we were supposed to have access to 40 different clay colours but were only given limited choices. At this stage, you'd think that there's no more room for other disappointments. But nope, there is. My friend wanted to bring back her leftover marbled clay so that she could make her own earrings but was rejected because HOK wants to use our remaining clay as material for their future classes. This was the final straw – I mean, I'm fine if you want to use my leftover clay for future classes. But I paid for my share of clay leh. At least let me have the option to bring back my leftovers? Idk how the rest of the class felt but I was really quite disappointed from start to the end of the workshop – especially because I had such high hopes from all the 5-star reviews. People pay for these kinda workshops for the guidance and the fun experience because otherwise I could have used the money to buy my own materials and learn from Youtube tutorials at home right? But I felt misguided and the whole experience wasn't very pleasant. So yeah, I hope that HOK can look into this and improve their services. Thanks.
Siqi Wong
17 Feb 2021

Good experience and good value for money. Workshop is well organised and cosy. Many clay colours to choose from and full range of tools to use for each participant. Straightforward instructions and knowledgeable staffs. Could have offered more range of food for tea break though.

04 Feb 2021
Before the workshop i had no prior experience in clay making, but after attending hands on klay it taught me to gain more knowledge in clay making and also understanding more about jewellery making. The instructor that i had named samantha was very patient and she explained step by step to beginners like us. I think is great for bonding with your friends and exchanging ideas to make your earrings look creative. They also made us feel at home with snacks and drinks. I would definitely use the skills i use to help others who wish to learn.
07 Jan 2021