Mekong Pottery Homestay

Yennie started Mekong Pottery Homestay by complete accident. She and her family were running a small cafe when a Romanian couple wondered in looking for a coffee, but also shared their struggle of finding a decent place to stay overnight that was both comfortable and authentic. After spending just one day with the couple, she realised her true calling for hosting and hospitality! Since then Yennie and her family have been providing not only comfortable boutique style accommodation, they have also been sharing authentic Vietnamese hospitality through thoughtfully put together excursions, tasty food and lots of local stories.
4 years experience
Fluent English
5.0 / 5
45 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 45 helpful reviews

An amazing lovely garden homestay. The host is helpful and so friendly. ^O^

03 Jul 2020
Liked · The best part is how cute the rooms are. My name was written in the door, the partly outdoor bathroom was a delight, even the electric wires were cute. Yennie and her mother were wonderful hosts and Tom the dog was the cutest. Disliked · There was not a store nearby to sell ice cream, but that was also nice to be out of the city center.
30 Jun 2020

Yennie and her mum are super nice hosts! It's a very lovely place with a very magical atmosphere in the air!
I can recommend this place to anyone who is interested in having a look inside Mekong deltas rural life and who wants to stay with two lovely people!

Trang Tran
30 Jun 2020
3 of us have had a great experience in Vinh Long and especially at Mekong Pottery Homestay. Although we only stay at homestay, there are 2 D1n (20-21/06/2020) but we like our belly so much that we should nominate a little bit for reference, otherwise people think that all foreigners are shy hehe :D * Back to the position: Homestay near Dinh Khao ferry so it's convenient to go to Cu Lao, and this area is still in the city. Vinh Long so even though the evening around is quite quiet but want to run into the center of the city to play for less sadness, it's also carefree. I see that instead of staying at the central hotel, it's more air to stay like this :)) * About space: this is the best. Walking into homestay is only able to admire ?? Oh my God, why so cute <3 ?? See the previous picture and you can imagine it but it's more beautiful than the picture. From the cool green garden, wide patio, super nice decor room, bright to the WC can see the clouds and also beautiful. Most especially being decorated by the mother and sister - a normal person who doesn't specialize in art architecture - but is super good. The common concept is to be decorated with brick, ceramics and intimate nature. If it's raining, I'm afraid to go out on the street, I'll make a nest at homestay for one day. I will put some pictures in the comment to say more carefully. * About service: this is also very satisfactory, mommy, the boss is so cute with dimples and the mother is so gentle and good in the West. The family welcomes me from the time I inbox to book until we send us off to go to Sai Gon, it feels like home here. Homestay carefully prepares full towels to wash shampoo and shower gel anti-mosquito blabla. If you need advice on what to eat, just ask the mother and daughter of the owner. Well even homestay provide some services such as car rentals, tours to experience what only native people know... We don't have much time so we can't go but if possible Everyone remember to try. The boss has full career in tour guide (specialized in only Asia's university) and is super mindful of Vinh Long homeland so you won't be disappointed :)) Ah the most surprising thing is that homestay will give each Guests have a very meaningful memory bandana, lol very thoughtful :" > * Price: With a lot of super cool things but room price is very pleasant. We ordered at 20 % promotion so the room price of 3 people is only 507 k / night, separating each one super cheap (even though we haven't had promotion, it's still cheap :))) Time Check-in time is 14 g and check out 12 pm the next day but we arrived early at 11 pm the other day and paid late (17 pm the next day). Despite this, the room is empty so homestay still lets us get room early and the colonel pays late without collecting anything :" > Motorcycle rental price is 170 k / motorbike and 120 k / bike scared. Room price will include breakfast but we like to go to the restaurant so the owner invited me to eat tea at noon hehe :)) * The whole long thing on the skillful people read that I am a homestay owner who is invisible advertisement or something but I'm really just a customer, like flying dancing also because of vivid places in Vietnam and stop in many homestay but to If you like your belly, you will write a long review, there are only a few places left. Objectively, there are also things you should consider when visiting Mekong Pottery: - Homestay only has 2 rooms (1 rooms 3 persons and 1 rooms 2 persons) so if people go out of 5 persons or want to be in the same room, there are more than 3 persons This place is not suitable. Even because it's cute, but there's too little room, it's easy to run out of place soon. - Due to the garden space with many plants and characteristics of the West, mosquitoes often invite each other to dance, everyone should apply cream or mosquito spray and night then remove the screen (princess style is also pretty) Let's talk to each other. It's not the insects from mosquitoes to strange creatures that keep coming back or where flying into bed all the time >.< That's it, we are enthusiastically nominating Mekong Pottery Homestay
Nguyen Thu Vy
25 Jun 2020

Mekong Pottery homestay is such a nice and cosy place. You can enjoy peaceful life of Mekong Delta with many activities and super delicious food. The host and her mom are so kind and warm. Such a great experience!

21 Apr 2020