Nanyang Sauce

Founded in 1959, Nanyang Sauce is steeped in tradition and has been synonymous with quality gourmet sauces over the years. A family secret recipe passed down through generations, every single drop of Nanyang sauce is naturally hand-brewed from the best Non-GMO soya beans for 9 months to create an Umami goodness with a rich aroma that is authentically Nanyang. Nanyang Sauce has been used by top restaurant chefs and home chefs alike for generations.
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 6 helpful reviews

Nanyang sauce work shop was awesome! Very nice experience and taste as well. I use this sauce for cook Japanese dishes, my kids love it. I will use for my cooing and hope pass down to our next generation.Thank you for very much!!

16 Mar 2020

Sauce appreciation workshop was a unique and interesting way to spend a Saturday morning. Love the cost ambience of the showroom.... and the sauces... Fantastic!

Julian Poh
16 Feb 2020
I’ve been looking for organic, artisanal soy sauce for some time and has no idea I would find it in Singapore! The Sauce Appreciation Workshop did exactly what the title suggests: it helped me see an ordinary condiment in a new light. We learned about the history of this unique family owned company and how to differentiate between virgin soy sauce (aged 9 months) and premium soy sauce (aged 6 months), all made with certified organic soy beans from Canada. We also tried their black vinegar, chili oil, sweet sauce, sambal and kaya. And then we learned about soy salt, one of the most expensive and rare salts in the world, naturally crystallized over decades on the sides and bottom of clay barrels used to ferment hand-brewed soy sauce. I bought a jar for 65 SGD and received a certificate of authenticity with it! I’ll never buy supermarket soy sauce ever again! Note that food is not served at the workshop.
17 Dec 2019
A friend and I recently stumbled across the Nanyang Soy Sauce boutique on East Coast Rd . After being impressed with the history behind this artisanal, family owned soy sauce business we joined a sauce appreciation workshop with the 4th generation owner of the business, Ken Koh. We knew nothing about soy sauce and were completely surprised about the all natural process of making the sauce which we thought was similar to the making of wine. However it was when we did the sauce tastings of the the various types of sauces and the sauces that had been matured for different lengths of time that we really started to appreciate why soy sauce is so important to Asian food. We found Ken’s willingness to share both his knowledge and time was very generous. In fact we we were so impressed we bought nearly $200 worth of soy sauce in Nanyang special gift packs which were ideal to bring home.
23 May 2019
I've attended the Sauce Appreciation Workshop and enjoyed myself alot. I've learnt so much about traditional way of making sauce. I've never given any attention to the sauce that i ate until after attending this workshop. Really appreciate artisan sauce and the taste really so yummy....its so umami! Thank you!
Nadya Jen
06 May 2019