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Noel discovered his passion for wildlife at a young age and loves sharing his knowledge of Sri Lanka’s wildlife with like-minded individuals. Noel's team works hard to protect Sri Lanka’s delicate ecosystems and the wide range of wildlife that lives within them. The company supports the work of the Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation Trust by sharing their leopard sightings and donates money towards the Leopard Project.
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What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.7 out of 60 helpful reviews
I stayed with my 2 kids (14 and 12) in the family tent which was great as we all had enough space, and were spolied with the air con. We had electricity to charge phones and cameras, but we loved leaving the tent after dark with just our torches. The walkways are lit by lantern and you eat by candlelight (torches attract the moths and insects so they are switched off). Looking at the stars was amazing. There had been quite a lot of rain before we arrived, so the roads were bumpy, but you are met by the team in their specialised 4x4 - high off the ground so you can access anywhere. The team could not do enough for us, the food was all fresh, home cooked, and something different to try every meal. We went on 2 safaris, one on the afternoon we arrived, and the other the following morning to get a different experience. We were lucky enough to watch a leopard fro about 20 minutes the first afternoon, and while other jeeps came and went, the location of our camp meant we had accessed Yala by the "back door" - the other jeeps all left to get back to their entrance before 6pm, and we could wait for the leopard to come down the tree... lovely.
Kelpie_9, Scotland
11 Nov 2019
I booked with Noel Rodrigo leopards safaris 6 nights : 3 in Wilpattu camp and 3 in Yala Camp for an average rate per night of 372 USD for a "single mobile tent" including the safaris games, food and drinks. So for Wilpattu National Park, the expérience was very good with a very good guide and i saw 6 leopards in 6 games. For the camp, i wasn't so enthousiast as i never imagine that for 372 USD per night, the bathroom won't be ensuite but outside of the tent. Also the tent was old with many problems with the zips to close the tent. And for toilets, shower you have to go out and i am not sure it's very safe at night as we are on leopard land and wild animals are unpredictable. Also i had a medium size monitor lizard in my tent and i don't fear a lizard but i know perfectly cobras and snakes can follow the scent of the monitor heading them inside my tent. So this old tent with a lot of holes allowing animals to enter weren't safe and also be obliged to get out at night can be a danger and it's very unconfortable. So i didn't like the camp and i wanted to cancel Yala Camp as it was the same bad confort for expensive rate. So this camp is over-rated and they have to change the tents for ensuite tents. If i come back to Wilpattu, i will book a normal hotel - might be around 50 USD and i will book separately the safari jeep and i will be much cheaper
10 Sep 2019
I booked with Noel Rodrigo leopards safaris 6 nights : 3 in Wilpattu camp and 3 in Yala Camp for an average rate per night of 372 USD for a "single mobile tent" including the safaris, the food and drinks. So for Yala National Park, the expérience was not good as the "Block1" the more famous for sightings (more crowded too) was closed so only Block 5 and 3 were open. They were not good and over-crowded and i didn't see a leopard during 6 safaris (except a leopard patch far away at night). I ignored that a National Park can be splitted in many blocks very far away from each others or worst, separated by a road between blocks 5 and 3. And this road is horrible and i can't understand there was an authorization for such road crossing a National Park and there is many problems : elephants are begging every day for food along that road where vehicules are driving very fast killing wild animals,uneducated people who throw rubbish on this road, including the plastic that the animals ingest and the landscape is horrible with this colorful plastic along the road and even inside the national Park. So i didn't appreciate Yala National Park. For the camp after the bad experience in Wilpattu, i wanted to cancel Yala and be refunded but the owner refused. The 2 first nights he upgraded me to a "luxery tent" which mean only tent with ensuite bathroom , but still basic and far of the pretty tent published. But the last night, it was beyond my strength to return to a shabby tent so i found a very nice hotel with bathroom, wifi.. for 55 USD at 5 kilometers and don't ask the refund , but the owner refused to bring me with one of the jeeps. So i stayed against my will and i had a bad night eaten by bugs and mosquitos, also big problems to close the tent and i was angry because i had to stay in that horrible place. So the rate of this camp is unacceptable, even all inclusive, for such basic old tent with no ensuite bathroom. Also the owner was proud to show me the leopards pictures strolling at night in the camp by automatic cameras. So it means leopards can be encountered at night in the Camp, as it is close to Block 1 , and you never know what can happened if you get outside at night to goi to the toilets. So for many reasons i don't recommend that camp : too expensive, not confortable,risky and also the Yala national park is allowing all jeeps to come - so too much cars and not good sightings and few chances to see leopards with such mess. I will never come back in Yala as it was too depressing. But for the people which wants to come to Yala : just book an hotel, quite cheap, and book the jeep safaris separately - i am sure the hotel can help to book it
Iaakk, France
10 Sep 2019
We had 2 nights and 3 Safaris with Noel at his Yala campsite, not only fantastic food accommodations staff and surrounding but everything was perfect the attention to detail is fantastic. Of course the Safari hit all the top Mark's as well. Of course we know we were lucky to see a Leopard on our 1st outing which the took the pressure off the next 2 Safaris. If you stay make it a minimum of 2 nights as you'll regret only booking one. The extra luxury of AC was pretty nice. Waking up with monkeys on our tent was just an added bonus. Lastly a big thank you to Sam who also lead us on our 2nd day and did a stella job.
LindsayThorpe, New Zealand
10 Sep 2019
WOW If you are looking for luxury, this place won’t be for you. This was the final leg of our honeymoon in Sri Lanka and after experiencing luxury, this was the perfect way to bring us back down to earth ! If you are looking for a truly authentic experience of living and experiencing the Sri Lankan jungle, you simply will not find better. Our host was Passi who was phenomenal. From the second we arrived until the second we left, he, his amazing staff, and the jungle provided us with an experience we will never forget and treasure. So, on arrival we were greeted with a traditional Sri Lankan lunch, the food was incredible, more than you could possibly eat, and as soon as we had finished we headed off to the jungle so as to waste as little time as possible. The safari was magical, both in the evening and all day (a full 12 hours!!) the following day. We saw a leopard, a very rare jungle cat, a bear, multiple birds and reptiles, deer and buffalo and were chased by an elephant. Because of Passi’s incredible knowledge however (he is one of only 2/3 other fully qualified naturalists in the country) we felt incredibly safe and informed as to different species, behaviours, habits etc and left the jungle with significant more knowledge of Sri Lankan wildlife than before we entered. The accommodation is basic, which we loved, but again if you are after luxury, you won’t find it here (purposefully by the camp). We enjoyed an outdoor shower, an outdoor toilet, a very basic but perfectly comfortable tent, and enjoyed our two night stay listening to the sound of the jungle as we slept. Passi is available 24 hours via a “jungle phone” should he be required to move a snake or anything (they can’t get into the sleeping quarter of the tent BTW!) which gives a sense of reassurance, if needed. The staff are so nice at the camp, they arranged for a candle lit dinner for us under the stars ok both evenings, we had celebratory drinks and chatted under the fire. When we had to leave at 6am the following day they had even gone to the trouble of boiling us some water (has to be done over a fire!) to allow for an early shower, and prepared a hearty breakfast. I cannot praise Passi and the rest of the camp highly enough. If you’re going to Sri Lanka and you are planning on a safari in either Wilpattu or Yala, you simply have to experience this. AMAZING
10 Sep 2019