The Rafida is owned by a group of friends who fell in love with the Komodo Islands, and decided to pool their savings to buy a boat! Rafida has some of the most responsible and safety-conscious boat crew in Komodo and importantly, they also love to have fun with their guests! The boat is beautifully decked out and reflects the passion of its owners - with modern spacious cabins, and comfortable dining and lounge areas for guests to relax in. They also provide skills-upgrading training to local communities around Komodo National Park to bring about a higher level of hospitality for Komodo as a whole.
4 years experience
Fluent English
4.9 / 5
14 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

4.9 out of 14 helpful reviews
I cannot rave enough about my memories made aboard this ship. The space is clean and airy, everyone is friendly and knowledgeable, the food is yummy and plentiful, while you're having the time of your life in Komodo NP. Also, they have refunded me for my child snorkeling and entrance fee, which I did not expect. Wonderful honest happy people.
Maria Fletcher
11 Jul 2021
24 Jan 2020

Hi Marsella! Thanks for choosing us! We glad you enjoy the trip!

Rafida 27 Jan 2020
Through Seeksophie I found the Rafida, which gave me one of the most memorable trips to Indonesia. We spent 3 days and 2 nights out at sea, exploring the Komodo Islands while having the most amazing meals prepared by the wonderful crew in a tiny, tiny kitchen. You can count on Seeksophie to answer your queries promptly and as accurately as possible. Throughout the trip, the Rafidalokas did their best to meet our comfort and even went out of their way to re-plan the itinerary on our final day due to a miscommunication. They made sure we end the trip with a full heart. Not forgetting Timo, possibly the most professional guide I have met thus far. He doesn’t just take amazing pictures, but also does his best to connect with everyone onboard. One second he jokes with you like a friend, and the next he’s serving you like a valued customer. Probably taking customer service to a different level. Now it’s your turn to experience all of this, so go!
Kolush Low
27 Dec 2019
Best boat experience & Labuan Bajo tour ever! Honestly the best boat trip and crew ever!! My colleague and I stayed on Rafida Liveaboard for a good two days and got to experience and see so many great sights around Labuan Bajo. The crew was amazing and the food was even greater! (Made fresh for you every single day!!) The toilets and bedroom were so clean and cosy. There's honestly not much to complain about Rafida. They really look out for their guests and goes out of their way to ensure that the guests are having a great time!! It was nice to know the crew, including the local guide. They were all so friendly and welcoming!! Local guide, Jon was so informative and friendly!! If there are any questions about Labuan Bajo or the activities, he'll be sure to educate you with his extensive knowledge. Honestly, will go again with my family and friends! The experience was remarkable!! It sounds too good to be true - but it is!! Highly recommend to everyone to give Rafida a try! Thank you Rafida Liveaboard!
16 Oct 2019
Truly excellent boating holiday We had a 2 night boat trip which we thoroughly enjoyed. It was suitable for our whole family of 7 including Grandparents and an 8 year old child, the crew were all very friendly and helpful with any requests. Food was great and plenty of it. Beer can be bought but you need to request what you want before the trip as they only had the Bintang lemonade Radler on board, or you can buy at the local shops and bring your own to be safe, which we did. The bedrooms were clean and comfortable, large enough but not enormous, so best not to bring huge suitcases as it is a boat not a cruise ship. There was some noise from the compressor motor used to run the A/C at night, especially on the lower deck bedroom, but not too bad, it didn't keep us awake. One big bonus is the great photos they offer with the trip, they use a drone to take some amazing shots of these beautiful islands. We managed to do a lot of snorkeling, all equipment was provided, the crew showed us the best spots, there is quite a bit of coral bleaching but still some great unspoilt areas with lots of fish, also on this trip is one of the few chances you can get to experience seeing Komodo dragons, which you can get quite close to. It's probably best described as something in between glamping and a cruise ship, the crew really made us feel like part of the family which made it a very enjoyable and memorable experience which we would recommend.
Kevin W, Globaltreker70
09 Oct 2019