Wicked Gnomes

Amanda, the owner and founder of Wicked Gnomes, is a self-styled crafter, passionate about candle making and all sustainable crafts! She dedicates her work in hopes to teach some self-sufficient crafts through a therapy session. Using items that one can find everyday, she shows that we can always be creative using the simplest of things! She also provides a wide variety of scents and flowers that guests are able to explore and choose from.
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5.0 / 5
15 reviews

What Others are saying

What others are saying

5.0 out of 15 helpful reviews

Lovely candle making session with Amanda! Love how relaxing the ambiance was and was spoilt with choice for the decorations! Will highly recommend to join her workshop! 😉

Chuxuan Chen
20 Dec 2020
therapeutic experience, rating it 11/10 experience. you will learn more about wax and the types of wax used, and also unleash your creativity for the candle design with the wide range of flowers/ herbs/ wood pieces available. very aesthetic place with zen background music. you will not regret
Priscilla Yap
20 Dec 2020

Enjoy the workshop!!! 😁
It was fun😊

Dechen Yu
06 Dec 2020
Chanced upon Amanda's listing online and it's been one of my best finds this year 🙂 My friends and I were looking for a therapeutic experience to enjoy together, and Amanda's workshop really delivered! Ample materials were provided (with a large variety of scents and flowers) for our candle making experience. Amanda was absolutely kind and patient with us throughout the entire time. Recommended the experience to many of my friends!
Miin Tong
04 Dec 2020

Loved how relaxing and enjoyable the candle making workshop was! It really made my morning and i was so excited to light my candle up at the end of the workshop! Amanda is also such a great host and makes the entire workshop enjoyable!

Aisyah Mazlan
21 Nov 2020