27 Jan 2020 on Tripadvisor
I stayed at Udara for a week long yoga retreat and found it a wonderful place to stay. The rooms are comfortable and clean and provide a nice sanctuary from the midday heat. The resort facilities like the pools , sauna , steam room and spa centre are great and relaxing and the food is nutritious and tasty with loads of options in Canggu only a short drive or walk away. But the two highlights were the incredible yoga shalas over looking the beach and the incredibly warm, inviting and helpful staff to whom I wish all the best.
25 Jan 2020 on Tripadvisor
My best experience ever! I was in Udara Bali in December 2019 and had a fantastic time there! I have done a 10-days Mind, Body and Soul recharge, which was my first retreat ever. And it was a perfect way to clear my mind before the New Year. As it was a retreat programme, I came as a solo-traveler and fortunately, never found myself lonely! The staff was so friendly and supportive, that I even felt at home. Moreover, a separate table for the people on detox encouraged us to easily meet and make friends with those who were also doing a retreat here. This is how I met two amazing girls - from France and the USA. The schedule included lots of activities that helped us to get out of a busy everyday routine and dive into self-reflection and self-development. My body was grateful for this. Each day started from a coconut, followed by various yoga classes, body treatments, and ceremonies. My favorite yoga was aerial yoga, it was an unforgettable experience of body stretching while overlooking the sunset over the ocean. Yin yoga was also amazing, nothing could be better before going to bed. Among body treatments, the real highlight was a water-healing session with Martina. It was something mind-blowing that I certainly recommend! It was my first time, and I will never forget this feeling of relaxation and protection as if I were in a baby cradle. The programme also included trips to the healer, water temple and ceremonies. You will be really lucky if your programme takes place during the new moon, the time of the Kirtan&Cacao ceremony in Udara. You'd better experience it yourself rather than just read about it. 35 people in one room, singing songs and sharing their plans for the future. Such a strong feeling of unity! The hotel provides amazing facilities: two swimming pools, a steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, and a spa center. The rooms are big (beds are huge and super comfortable) and have a marvelous view. Every single detail in this hotel is thoughtful: from yoga space, where you can overlook the ocean, to the amazing stairs with snakes and monkeys. I could not stop taking photos. My favorite thing though was a night relaxation in a warm swimming pool, enjoying underwater music and gazing at the stars. Udara Bali is located right in front of the ocean, which is quite rare for hotels in this area. The sea is amazing! However, it’s not overcrowded at all. It is a kind of a secret beach which on the one side is close to Canggu (just 20 min walk from La Brisa), but, at the same time, it is not full of tourists. The staff was always very kind, and I felt as if I were in a family, Udara Family. Another thing which surprised me was that here, in Udara, they really took care of the society and even organized free Yoga classes and an ecstatic dance on Sundays. Giving back to the community is a very kind gesture. It has been one month since I came back home, but I still have a feeling of gratitude to this amazing place in my heart. So, if you are thinking of going for a retreat (or just staying for a couple of nights) in Udara, I strongly recommend this amazing place. Udara is a true gem! If you have any questions about the retreat, feel free to contact me. Many thanks and lots of love to Udara Bali, Kristina
918frankr, Germany
24 Jan 2020 on Tripadvisor
udara is a great yoga retreat right at the beach and only 15 minute walk from canggu but still quite. They have 8 yoga classes and sauna, steam room and watsu pool all included in the price. The retaurant is outstanding. Healthy food and very delicious. Thank you Udara i come again...
18 Dec 2019 on Tripadvisor
Udara is the most amazing resort/retreat I have ever had the pleasure staying at. From the moment you arrive the staff make you feel welcome and you can't wait to explore all the different hot and cold therapy pools. The giant turtle with sauna inside is unbelievable! This is my second visit to Udara and I will be returning as often as possible. Cannot recommend this place highly enough. There is wi-fi access but no television which is awesome as you are encouraged to digital detox as well. Up to a 6 varying yoga classes each day which are included in price of stay.
Brmvd, The Netherlands
09 Dec 2019 on Tripadvisor
I went here on Sunday for their free event. We did yoga and ecstatic dance, it was really one of the best experiences in my life. The yoga shala is huge, hundreds of people were there, the ambiance and energy were magical. After that, they also serve vegan sunday brunch, it was such a zen weekend. Would love to come here again. Recommended!