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05 Dec 2019 on TrippAdvisor
I thoroughly enjoyed my diving experience in Komodo national park and want to say huge thank you to the dive guides (especially Sudir) who looked after me in some really tough conditions of super strong current! The dive sites we visited were the best ones in Flores and i have never seen that much variety of types and colours of fish and corals, as well as lots of sharks, turtles, mantas and even a dugong! As it was a low season Flores Dive centre did boat pulling so we were going out on Orca Dive Clubs' boat which was a really cool boat with kitchen on board which meant freshly cooked lunches. Cinzia, the owner of Flores Dive Centre was very helpful and made sure I get the best experience possible and visit the most popular sites, explained how to use GoPro and I managed to get some cool shots and videos! I highly recommend the team and will hopefully be diving with them again :)
04 Dec 2019 on TrippAdvisor
We chose Flores Diving Center for PADI. Han was an amazing dive instructor, very professional, reassuring when needed, patient, smiling and friendly. The theoric part was very clear. It was a chance to experience our first dives in such good conditions.
02 Dec 2019 on TrippAdvisor
Choosing a dive centre in labuan bajo can be very difficult, mainly due to the sheer number of dive centres based here. What we've found best works when picking a dive centre is walking into dive shops and meeting the staff to get a feel and make a decision from that. Whilst the dive shop doesn't stand out as some of the others, as soon as we walked into Flores Dive Centre, we felt very welcome and in professional hands. They were very attentive and the owner of FDC gave an overview of each dive site as well as greater information about the dives the following day (Eg.what could be seen at each site, strength of currents etc.). We felt a real connection with FDC and so decided to dive with them... And we are so glad we did! FDC dive boat was big, comfortable and staff amazing. It was a real luxury experience, with staff helping you put your dive gear on and even changing tanks for you. All you needed was yourself, they took care of everything else. Due to the sometimes challenging conditions in Komodo, our biggest concern would be the lack of pre dive briefings and underwater attentiveness. However we were very impressed with how they explained in detail the dive sites, the conditions and even the history of each site before the dive, and felt in very safe hands! This has often lacked in other dive centres around Asia. Our group of six were split into two groups of three, with a dive instructor and dive master making sure we were fine. We felt very safe throughout. The diving we had was incredible!! 10 plus mantas, dozens of turtles, and lots of interesting macro fauna that our instructor kindly pointed out to us. Hands down some of the best diving I have done! Being a marine biologist, I was also very impressed with their eco friendly diving.. For example they offer clean up dive options which lower the price of diving! Also they take great care to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Plus, to top it off, this was one of the cheapest dive centres we found in Flores. Would highly recommend!!!
27 Nov 2019 on TrippAdvisor
I did my AOW at Flores diving Center and the overall experience was amazing. The staff is super friendly and professional, the equipment is very well maintained and the value for money is great. Overall, it's the best diving experience I've done! Special mention for Han, the instructor, who has been super friendly and very professional during the whole course. I totally recommend this place!
25 Nov 2019 on TrippAdvisor
Flores dive centre is a really professional diving club, I felt really good and safe with them, very friendly instructors, good price compared to other clubs. Nice boat, good breakfast and lunch, and the brief was so professional, they draw the dive site on a board so you know what to expect!