americangirl61, Big Corn Island, Nicaragua
13 Dec 2019 on TripAdvisor
Guide Hugo picked us up at the airport, and got us off to a great start. We had a quick turn around trip to Rinca, pink Beach, and a quick dive with the mantas. Hugo, and his team, kept us laughing, safe, and in shape. We hiked to some amazing views, saw dragons, and mantas, and over all had some of best parts of our trip here. We privately chartered a Red Whale boat for the trip, and you could see it was one of the best looking boats at the harbor. We felt safe from start to finish, the equipment was great, and Hugo and the team, a real treat,..Thanks for everything, would definitely recommend!
13 Dec 2019 on TripAdvisor
Booked the speedboat day trip with Red Whale and it was absolutely unreal! Couldn't have been a better day trip. The boats from the other companies that we saw looked either way older or way more crowded. Our group size was perfect. The guides Hugo and Andre were great and kept us entertained. Lunch was good too. The highlight for me was snorkeling with the mantra rays... What a dream!
13 Dec 2019 on TripAdvisor
I highly recommend the tour with redwhale. Everything from being picked up from hotel, to tour was very good. These guys sure know what there doing with the fast boat showing you all the spectacular locations, padar island, pink beach, Komodo island, takamakasar sand bar, manta reef and turtles! Crew was well mannered, friendly and polite. I wouldn't hesitate on recommending them to others. %
Cindy_jie, Zaandam, The Netherlands
08 Dec 2019 on TripAdvisor
It is the BEST experience I had with this travel agency. It is recommended by our hostel where we stay -Seaesta . We had one day komodo Island tour, which include padar island , pink beach, manta point, siaba besar, taka makasaar. The owner of Red Whales name Igor. He is a very good organize person, he trains his employees very good. When we go in the office said we want to book a Komodo one day tour, Igor explained very detail of that tour , what we gonna do, what we expected to see etc. I think he explaination was more than half a hour. So professional !! Mostly one day tour will go to Kanawa Island, but red whales tour they will go to siaba besar instead. He said Kanawa Island was good in the past, but now it's polluted, too many Chinese tourists there, so they organized to siaba besar. Siapa besar is an island where you can snoorkeling , and see many sea turtles! The boat provide you free flow of soft drinks , water and lunch! They will give you a metal drinking water bottle to refill the water instead of using Plastic! Which is I really appreciated !! And the lunch box and culinary they provide are also reuseable. Once again really appreciate what they are doing to make less plastic waste!! And I am so surprised also for they crew services and how they taking care of their company boat! Our guide name Hans and Hugo are super nice! They are humour , making a lot of fun and the same time They taking very good care of all the customers! You can trust them to take care of your belongings!! Hugo snorkeling with you, make sure you are safe! Because the current at the manta point sometimes can be strong! We are so lucky that day we saw at least 6 mantas !! But this manta point can be so crowded of all the tourists who wish so see the mantas! I strongly recommended you to join Red Whales
mverzz, The Netherlands
02 Dec 2019 on TripAdvisor
We chose for Red Whale thanks to the very detailed explanation of the entire day by Igor. The tour was well arranged with plenty of time for each stop. The day was well balanced, a tough climb was followed by a relaxing snorkel swim on pink beach. The burning hot walk in Komodo park was followed by a refreshing swim on Taka Makassar (mini-maldives). We specifically enjoyed Manta Point where we had the amazing luck of seeing 7 mantas. Komodo park was a little bit of a let down due to a gigantic cruise liner that just arrived before us. It felt more like a zoo than actually hiking/trekking searching for komodos. Heard from other travelers that Rinca island was much better. But could not really fault Red Whale for that. Nevertheless we spotted several komodos. Would definitely recommend them, especially that they are ecofriendly by providing everyone aluminium water bottles instead of plastic ones, also the lunch that is included comes in a hard plastic reusable box. Big thanks to the crew, especially tour guides Hans and Hugo who were very helpful and funny!