Hafiz H
26 Aug 2017 on TripAdvisor
Low price from another travelmate, but still offered quality and added value. Thanks dolphin guide me into heaven😍
Risang B
25 Aug 2017 on TripAdvisor
Dolphin Travelmate has guided me sailing on board for 3 nights around Labuan Bajo. Great experience with great friends and they are become new family, and untill now we are still contact each other for the next journey! Mr Zul is very kind, warm, helpful and respectful to the companion; we are provided a comfort boat and food. Nice documentation for the greatest landscape of the planet, Pulau Padar, you won't miss it!
25 Aug 2017 on TripAdvisor
Labuan Bajo is beautiful and breathtaking, the sky and the ocean are blue and wide. A perfect place for short getaway from work and responsibilities. Dolphin Travelmate team also fun and easy to talk to, they're friendly and good at taking pictures. The ship (Cajoma IV) is very comfortable and the meal was delicious. Our family felt that it was a great decision to choose dolphin travelmate for our trips to Labuan Bajo. Thank You dolphin travelmate. ♥️