LisaH, USA
01 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
My husband and I had an amazing vacation at Kalimaya. We were looking for a dive destination away from all the crowds with great accomodations, amenities and diving. Kalimaya exceeded our expectations and looking forward to going back. The managers (Tegan and Stuart), staff and dive crew were very friendly and helpful. We enjoyed Tegan and Stuart's conversations at meal time; it creates a great family/friend atmosphere. The rooms were great; bungalow style on the beach. We could see the sunrise over the water from our room. AC in the bedroom and outdoor shower in the back. Meals were served at a common table. Breakfast fare consisted of fruit, cereal and several choices for hot items. Lunch is 2-course and dinner is 3 courses; again options available. There were homemade snacks put out later in the day too. There was plenty of food and everything is make fresh at the resort. They are also very flexible to dietary restrictions. Diving was just amazing. Everything from small critters (nudibranchs, boxing crabs) to large animals (mantas, bamboo shark). The dive masters (DMs) and crew were awesome. Dive crew was helpful with gear and boat entry+exit. A briefing was done before each dive so we knew what to expect in terms of conditions and terrain. Jimi and Macro (DMs) have an amazing talent for finding the exotic critters. We can't believe the number of different nudibranchs we saw over the course of 9 days of diving. A few memorable dive sites are Bubbles @Volcano (Sangeang Island), Black Sands (just north of Kalimaya) and Galley Rock (Banta Island). Black sands was amazing both as afternoon and night; hairy frogfish, dragonets, bobtail squid and coconut octos are just a few of the exotic animals. Thanks everyone at Kalimaya for the wonderful vacation!
03 May 2019 on TripAdvisor
The team at Kalimaya does an excellent job, led by Tegan and Stuart. Immediately, the diving is sensational and diverse. During our ten days at the resort, we saw Manta rays on multiple occasions, a plethora of White-tipped Reef Sharks, several species of Frogfish, Mimic Octopus and others from that family, as well as over 50 different Nudibranch species. However, this was only possible because of the excellent dive guides; we had the pleasure of having Marco and Jimmy. Their reef knowledge and ability to find cool stuff was amazing. Regarding the accommodations, the rooms were well-maintained and air conditioned. A word should be said about the quality of the cleaning and cooking staff, who’s work is of the highest order. We would return from our diving to cleaned and refreshed rooms—sometimes with fresh flowers on the beds; while the cooking staff continually put out lovely food. Moreover, they often would make snacks unprompted for guests. In short, the experience was phenomenal. The leaders of Kalimaya, Tegan and Stuart, did a fantastic job facilitating this experience. They facilitated dietary needs graciously, while sharing their immense sea creature knowledge and photography tips over dinner. Overall, the experience at Kalimaya was fantastic and we would totally return.
alohabic, California
26 Dec 2018 on TripAdvisor
What a beautiful property, the staff is fantastic, from the land crew to the diving crew, everyone was so helpful and hard working, they anticipated all of our needs. The food was delicious and very healthy, Tegan the Manager went above and beyond to accommodate my vegetarian needs. The resort is beautifully landscape, although we did not use the pool it was a beautiful pool. The Ac in the room is a great treat. We did the 2 boat dives in the morning and we dove the house reef for the afternoon and night dive. the house reef is beautiful, such healthy corals and so many fishes and interesting creatures to see.We were very lucky with the weather, we were able to go to all the nice diving sites. both of the managers Tegan and Stu were fantastic, so accommodating and great to talk with. the other good thing about the resort was that the internet was very spotty, the bad thing about the resort is that the internet was very spotty, but with the help of Tegan and Stu I was able to just get email with their hot spot so it was perfect for me. Over all I would highly recommend this resort for anyone wanting to get away and enjoy beautiful relaxing diving. I also loved the stand up paddle board that they had, we used it the last afternoon we were there and it was so much fun.
Margie Braband, Illinois
30 Nov 2018 on TripAdvisor
Amazing Dives garden of eden setting excellent fresh food Stu n Tegan/managing couple extraordinaire...both creative, friendly, engaging people. Every staff member treated us as if we were cherished family members all the reviews. There isn't a negative one in the bunch. All of them are accurate...true, true. My sister and I just spent the last 3 weeks traveling Bali. Diving was our primary activity. We saved this resort for last stop. What you won't read in other reviews... Our dive guide was Jimmy. Of all the guides we've had during our total 50 dives (we're new to this scuba sport), he is the best one! Patient, constantly monitoring our dive, finding macro species, safety conscious, providing hand drawn, pre-dive agenda with to questions. Fun! Equipment in very good condition. Species most interesting... large reef shark swam between my sister and I, 2 pygmy seahorse on fan coral, orangutan shrimp... and my fav, a shoebox size frog fish with expressive face. Extensive coral variety, healthy reefs, abundance like no other. So many fish, it's like swimming in an aquarium. During our last boat-dive day, we spent our down time between 2 morning dives on Komodo Island seeing these huge, deadly dragons. Where else is that offered in "Things to do" on a dive trip? One day after 2 morning dives, Tegan drove with us into town to visit a weaver's shop and explore a bit. We watched as fabric was loomed the old fashioned way. Weaver was sitting on the floor with wooden frame, managing to weave an intricate design by hand. The quality is superb! We couldn't pass up the chance to buy several lengths of unique designs/textures at incredibly reasonable prices. On the way back to Kalimaya Dive Resort after the weaver, we visited a local business woman renowned for producing high quality, wood, large fishing boats... big as in 60 feet long, 2 stories high...hand pegged! Sunrise and sunset are spectacular! Snorkeling from shore or if accompanying diver on boat is equally fascinating. Both diver and snorkeler are treated to unparalleled sights. One of the staff, Dhanu (the dreamer), invited us to walk to the neighboring village with him to see what life is like on Sumbawa. What a good time we had! So glad we went! One villager climbed a coconut tree, lowered coconuts, chopped them open, gave us straws. now that's fresh coconut milk! Another gal brought out a guitar. We gathered around with neighbors, listened to songs, played with kids. This was an unexpected treat for us. The only downside in this area (in all of Bali in my opinion) is the accumulated trash and plastic bottles/products. Garbage collection is non existent. If it's gathered at all, its burned. Wish there was do-it-yourself way to turn plastic into pellets for recycling into another product.
Gaitero61, UK
24 Oct 2018 on TripAdvisor
Finished up with 3 days at Kalimaya after 10 days on a liveaboard, to do some more diving and then off gas. They shifted things around so I got 5 good dives in with a very personalised service. Dive boats have twin 150 Mercury’s and can get to a wide variety of sites in not too much time. Plenty opportunity to see everything from big pelagic to great macro. Around the resort, everything is low key but good. The food especially good - quality home cooking. Drinking water is spring water, so no plastic waste (result) and no limits. Bungalows unfussy, and finished to a high standard with panoramic sea view. Central eating area open air and adjacent to pool. Very pleasant. Bar/restaurant team excellent. No alcohol while I was there which was disappointing but not the end of the world. Resort is 1.5 hours from Bima/Airport by windy mountain road. I got a 7.40 flight out in the morning. Their advice was 0500 transport would be fine which it would have been, although I allowed an extra 15 mins. There is the odd power outage, but they have a generator so all fairly seamless.