YM2540, Belgium
24 Sep 2018 on TripAdvisor
Fantastic experience - went there with my son mostly for scuba diving, is true underwater heaven there, and experience in resort was superb. Resort is small but great - 10 villa's, so max 20 residents and 40 staff - a ratio that is felt in the level of service. Staff is super friendly, and efficient... no question was answered with a "no", staff always goes the extra mile. Food is great - restaurant with à la carte choice for all meals. All freshly prepared, no waiting time, and delicious taste. Choice in various styles of food. Maybe only point to improve is music during dinner - why not play relax lounge or Balinese music to accompany the relax feeling on the island? Rooms are great, spacious, nice atmosphere, cosy, and functional. Bed has great sleeping quality. Diving is great as well - dive center small but well organised. when dividing the groups they look at skill level to ensure proper experience for all. One point for improvement could be to add nitrox in the offering - many dive sites could benefit from longer bottom time with Nitrox. Overall a GREAT experience, and we will come back!
Gaia04, Italy
15 Aug 2018 on TripAdvisor
We spent one week in the Angel island eco resort, this place is paradise. Only 10 bungalows, a wonderful private beach of white sand, nice rooms very spacious with Balinese bathroom and very clean. The staff is super kind and the food is very good and served in a cozy restaurant on the beach. So far very good, the problem is the diving center the only reason we went there for. There is no nitrox available, the resort is quite far from all the best dive sites in Komodo (actually we know that). But this itself is not an issue as the boat is very comfortable and very well organized. The restaurant provide lunch box that you can choose the night before and the crew is very nice offering assistance any time with the gear, drink or food. The real problem is Peter the dive instructor. When you arrive on the boat in the morning he is still sleeping in the captain cockpit, he just materialized before the diving, you never know the dive site you are going to before you arrive. The briefings were often wrong and not due to underwater conditions. For 2 times he made us jump in the wrong place, we spent 15 min at 20 mt and when we arrive at the real location at 29 mt we had no bottom time as we were diving in air. He also mixed divers with computer and divers without, so everyone was forced to do same profile. He is also scared of everything and he never point out critters for you. We were very lucky as during our stay there, The instructor was 2 days off, we dive with another instructor who was great and we finally see the Komodo we have dive in 5'years ago on a live aboard. The resort itself worth the trip to Komodo, the diving same but be sure to make clear from the beginning your goal.
05 Jul 2018 on TripAdvisor
It's hard for me to understand how anybody could write a negative review about this place. It is a stunner, gorgeous large and VERY comfortable bungalows tucked discretely into the gardens, beautiful views from the beach out over the sea to the nearby islands, really attractive outbuildings and facilities on the property, very good snorkeling off the beach, tasty and varied food/menus and a friendly, welcoming and fun loving staff always poised to deliver outstanding service. We loved our five nights here and were always engaged, even without diving. The trip to Rinca was fun even though the "dragon" sightings were somewhat minimal. Keeping in mind the island has zero population or facilities, the property had to be built piece by piece with men and materials brought in by boat, all the power is generated on site as is the drinking water, well I have to say Bravo Ernest and Kate, you have done something very special here, something we will not soon forget! PS Yes it is expensive by Indonesian standards but re read my review to better understand the real value and keep in mind it is a small fraction of what we would pay in the West, even if we could find it.
49karenl, UK
28 Jun 2018 on TripAdvisor
We had such a wonderful time here last year for 3 nights we opted to come back this year for 7 nights and we were not disappointed. This year there have been several improvements. The menu has had an overhaul - the food is still excellent with some really flavourful additions. The breakfast is excellent and the home made cakes and bread really very good. The rooms are maintained to such a high standard by housekeeping, all are very comfortable in a similar location. It should be noted that they are not beach front but secreted in the garden - a fact that is shown on their website but seems to be missed by some Tripadvisor reviewers. Lovely outside shower rooms - but please can we get rid of the awful smelling toiletries?? and replace them with something more pleasant. Good extra facilities of a water cooler, coffee machine and snack basket selection and mini bar with the complimentary soft drinks. The reef is still superb and obviously thriving because we saw 9 newly hatched black tip reef sharks!! Such a wonderful sight. A really lovely house reef to while away the hours.........you will even have your own resident junior black tip reef sharks that will accompany you along the edge of the beach. The resort is still run by an all male staff. They are such a happy concientious band of boys - they deserve real credit for the standard of everything that they maintain. In conclusion, if you hanker after a real eco-resort owned and managed by people that genuinely care about their very special environment within the KOMODO NATIONAL PARK and their staff who offer a really good value for money stay (but certainly not the cheapest) then we would not hesitate to firmly recommend Angel Island.
ukrandomtraveller, UK
07 May 2018 on TripAdvisor
stayed for 3 nights....angel island is a beautiful location...nice private beach in front of the hotel...and nice snorkelling just off the beach. The villas are well appointed...comfortable bed, good aircon...and efforts are made for your comfort including in room water cooler and features to keep out the insects...including seals on the door and insect lamp.....If insects spook you though be wary as the bathroom is outside! All meals are included and you can order as much food as you like, so you can try everything on the menu...staff are really helpful. we went on a trip to rincha island....Komodo hike was nice walk in the country...but the only komodos we saw were hanging out outside the staff kitchen....We got the impression that it is rare to see wildlife on the hike as the guide did not seem to be looking out for anything. Everyone else on the island said they saw no komodos on the hike BUT on the way back we snorkelled at a small island...this was amazing...the best snorkelling I ever did. I had hoped to try a scuba intro...but I was told the instructor was sick...sounded like they might have an alternative, but they never confirmed