Magdalena K, Poland
30 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
The owners make you feel like home the moment you come in, you don't feel like their guest, it feels you're visiting your family in such a lovely place. The food was great - we loved the pancaked with coconut and honey filling, still can remember thow awesome they taste. We had them at this hotel for thw very time ever, did not get the better ones anywhere in Sri Lanka. If you want to vist the Sigirija rainforest, the owners' son can be your guide - please do get this arranged at the point of making your booking.
mynameisalwaystaken, United Kingdom
30 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
Ideally I would give this place 3.5 stars as it sits between the two. The villa we stayed in had an amazing view and was only a 10 min walk from the rainforest entrance. Our welcome was lukewarm, asking had we booked and what room had we booked. The room itself was spacious and relatively clean. We had a kettle but no water and no cups or glasses. We dined in as you are fairly remote, though there are other accommodation nearby offering food. Food was excellent and we even enjoyed a couple of beers at a reasonable price. The following morning we had a very early breakfast before going on our rainforest walk. We had booked via the accommodation knowing that we would pay a lot extra. There was a misunderstanding in the type of walk we had chosen however a discount was offered and accepted once this was pointed out. If you can manage to find a guide via a different route, you will save a fair bit of money. We also arranged our onward travel with these guys which was may be slightly more expensive and I wasn't sure about quality of vehicle, however our driver was fab and have us fruits and stopped for a number of items for us. For the price of the room and the view / location it is worth every penny, just expect to pay a premium for the tour or plan it yourself.
melaka l, Sri Lanka
30 Jan 2019 on TripAdvisor
When I arrived to the proper they don't have any idea that I was made a booking with them through after I went there a asked him(chamara) to upgrade me in to a deluxe room that has nice view.any way he did it.but after I get in to the room it was terrible.dust all over the room,cobwebs,dead insects...also for the particular room he wasn't provided any amenities (soap,water bottles,etc).glasses are not clean...lot of things to say....main issue with chamara is he don't have any idea how deal with guest.forienger or a native guest his responsibility is providing us a good service.but he is not caring about the local guest.thatswht I feel while my stay.but thanks God his parents are superb.they are very friendly.through out my stay they treats us like their own. After all chamara made me an arrangement for walking with guide Ananda to the sinharaja rain forest & that was fabulous.for a walking I'm recommend him...
jwanders, Singapore
30 Dec 2018 on TripAdvisor
Wonderful place to stay at as it offers great view and the host’s son is also a rainforest guide. So he guided us through the Sinharaja rainforest. The one and only rainforest in Sri Lanka. Saw many awesome creatures and he takes excellent pictures as we went along the way. Villa room was clean, huge and comfortable. Air-conditioned. I also saw fireflies at night. Thumbs up!
TanyaKBS, Israel
30 Oct 2018 on TripAdvisor
We liked a lot Location and the amazing views, nice staff and good guide for forest walking. We missed a wifi, but it is the wild forest, so we just enjoyed the nature :)) We didn't like that the room wasn't clean enough and had no fancy chairs they show on the picture (we booked the more expensive room), and there was a lot of noise and light in the room from the nearby road, which wasn't so nice at night.