Firenze4074, Australia
20 Nov 2016 on TripAdvisor
Highly recommend this tour company and ask for sachika he will definitely look after you in the safari tours. Greatly appreciate the effort during our Yala National park safari that he went and we ended up seeing five leopards. There were so many other jeeps around, but he was always in contact with others to get the latest leopard sightings. I went to Yala national park twice (for the leopards). Bundala national park for the birds and monkeys. Udawalawe national park for elephants.
DrBeach77, Canada
15 Mar 2016 on TripAdvisor
Ajith provided us with an experienced English speaking driver and a comfortable Jeep for our Udawalawe safari. We went on 4 different safaris in Sri Lanka with 3 different operators...this was our favorite safari of the 4. Many of the operators do not have comfortable trucks (jeeps)...make sure that you ask for a jeep with a lots of leg room and comfortable seats as the roads are very bumpy.
Pavindu J
26 Aug 2015 on TripAdvisor
What a treat! Udawalawe National Park has it all. There were few jeeps driving around and our driver made sure to space us apart from the vehicles that did exist, ensuring that our family of 5 saw not only the plentiful elephant and monkey populations, but a jackal, trees of exotic birds and 2 leopards, one we watched for over 15 minutes lying and cleaning itself 4 meters from the car. I'm so glad I chose this park to explore. Our driver was excellent at finding quiet places (we rarely saw another vehicle) with plenty of wildlife - we would stop suddenly and he would point out a kingfisher on a tree, or a crocodile hiding in a pond. Udawalawe exceeded our expectations - not only did we see many elephants, but also deer, mongoose, turtles, water buffalo, monitor lizards, crocodiles, monkeys, three different kinds of eagles, two different kinds of kingfishers, wild chicken, and an unbelievable number of other birds. A beautiful day. Thank you Ajith & team.
Fin M
27 Jul 2015 on TripAdvisor
We booked two tours with Ajith, one of Yala and one of Udawalawe. We had different drivers/guide for both, which reflected the moods of the parks. Yala was much busier, with queues commonplace if one of the big animals had been sighted. Our driver was very quick, and had good communication with his colleagues, which meant that we saw leopards and a sloth bear, plus elephants, crocodiles, and various monkeys, plus some great birds including toucans. However, the seatbelts in the jeep weren't for show. If you dash to see an animal then you will be bounced about, hard - get belted in (this goes for adults and kids alike). The driver was good at asking us if we wanted to go for it, but then, after a delicious lunch, was less good at communicating when we continued. We drove deep into the park, but then left it without us realising the trip was ending. An excellent half day, but perhaps not worth the full day (then again, we had the best view of a leopard in the morning). Uadwalawe was a very different, much more laid back experience. It had rained a lot so we never got to see massive herds of elephants, but still got groups of half-a-dozen. It was the bird life which really delivered here. We saw a fantastic range including an osprey, which is apparently very rare. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and had razor sharp eyes. Remember your binoculars.
wondercatUk, United Kingdom
12 Apr 2015 on TripAdvisor
We booked two safaris at Udawalawe and two at Yala - all with Ajith. Our first whole day at Udawalawe was fantastic, with a really good sighting of a leopard by 7am! This is extremely rare at this national park and we were really lucky. Even without seeing the leopard, we had an amazing day seeing so many elephants, fantastic birds, buffalo, deer and other animals. Our guide for all our safari tours was Nissanka. He was a lovely man, friendly and helpful and was very experienced. He was an excellent spotter and explained what we saw and gave us information about the animals. I particularly liked his approach, for example we were observing some elephants sleeping and he advised that we should move on since elephants only sleep around four hours a day and we shouldn't disturb them too much. We had a really good breakfast (sandwiches and fruit) and lovely lunch - delicious sri lankan curries. The jeeps Ajith use are comfortable considering the bumpy tracks in the parks. We enjoyed our safari in Yala as well, although found it far more busy with jeeps and for a while got stuck in a traffic jam with lots of other jeeps trying to glimpse a leopard. I think they should really put a limit on the number of jeeps allowed into the national park each day, or organise a different system. Other animals seemed harder to see at Yala, although there were more deer (including sambar) and wild boar and lots more birds. Such a fantastic experience!