Jayne J, Australia
04 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
What an exhilarating experience, riding in jeeps where you can stand up and take your photographs or enjoy the ride. Spotted so many elephants, up close and a bit too personal at times. Saw baby calves playing chasing after birds. Loved this experience but the highlight was seeing an eagle take off, swoop diwn only meters away and snatch up a rabbit.
willc367, UK
03 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
We went mid afternoon to see the elephants ‘in the wild’, and it was wonderful to see so many family groups around the park. Apparently they just over 100 there. The disappointment was the quantity of jeeps surrounding every sighting, jostling for the best viewing position. Whilst they kept on the tracks, and , frankly, the elephants pretty much ignored them, it seemed a distraction from what would otherwise be a wonderful opportunity to marvel at these magnificent animals. The park needs to be careful not to ‘kill the goose’ by overcrowding.
Rachel1992London, UK
06 Feb 2019 on TripAdvisor
We took a private jeep, (we were very lucky and were one of the few people to get a Land Rover!). At first we struggled to see much, and so did all of the other drivers, to the extend that our driver took us deep into the jungle for best endeavours to see something. Eventually as if our of no where we saw the most amazing site of several elephant groups. In the end we saw 7 instances of either individual elephants or groups of elephants. We went at about 1 and stayed in the park until about 4.30, this was plenty of time. Our driver also took us to the viewing tower where you can walk and get some amazing views. Highly recommended.
Swale64, UK
27 Jan 2019 on TripAdvisor
The national park was flooded by recent heavy rain but the eco park across the road was full of elephants who had moved in to escape the floods and search for food. There are far too many over enthusiastic jeep drivers careering around trying to get the best positions for their clients but we were fortunate to get an old hand who knew the best tricks and who got us within touching distance of a small family of 3 plus mother without raising any alarms. It was a most moving experience to be so close while they were not in the least disturbed by our presence. We almost wore out the camera!
Lucy S, UK
11 Jan 2019 on TripAdvisor
Was picked up from my guest house exactly on time and taken to this beautiful park. We managed to get really quite close and saw lots of elephants at various spots. My guide was really friendly and made me feel at ease being a woman alone. He was able to answer all my questions and never rushed. He was also so good stopping on the way home to help me get a new SIM card because mine had broken, it was quite late at this point and I really appreciate his time and help. I would definitely recommend booking a trip with them, professional, good drivers not like some of the touts you get that drive bad and scare the elephants... Saw some of that and it was upsetting. These guys very good and respectful. Thank you for a wonderful day.