ClarissaE50, Singapore
07 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
Chan is a very friendly and interesting tour guide that will make you discover the best spots in Halong Bay. He arranged everything from A to Z: the boat, the crew, the food, the kayaking and other activities. He also knows the area by heart and brings you in mysterious and magical places that you have ever seen. Thank you for everything, it was an unforgettable experience, we will come back soon!
TranceVibes, Switzerland
06 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
The name of our guide was Chan (aka Chans - "Chance"). He started his own business. He arranged everything and is very flexible. He made a cheaper price for us. For visiting Halong Bay I highly recommend him. We chose the 3days/2nights option. We were totally satisfied, we loved it so much that we did it two times already. It is more expensive than the standard tours you can find there, but totally worth it. The cheap standard ones suck. You will be stuck with 30 Chinese people on a boat bringing you to places where there are already 30 other boats. With Chans you are the king: a chef, boat driver and a guide just for yourself. They bring you to places where there is nobody. And when you sleep there is no noise at all: so quiet and peaceful. You do kayaking from times to times to see the different amazing landscapes. "The best time to visit Ha Long Bay starts is from March to June; avoid crowded public holidays (30 April and 1 May)." October was good also but watch out for the typhoons.
mattgoldhill, Hawaii
29 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
Chan is a wonderful and extremely knowledgeable tour guide. I hired him for a private tour and the two of us had a great time on Cat Ba island and then cruising around Ha Long Bay. We stayed overnight on a floating fishing village and cooked an amazing dinner together. He took me to some awesome and totally private spots! It was an unforgettable experience and I was well taken care of!
24 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
Chan was recommend to me by a friend who did a one day trip last year. We decide to book my brother and me a 2day trip with one night on boat. We had a amazing time, secret plage,restrict entry cave,beautiful landscape, hunting rush for dinnererx...Chan was very charming with great knowledge of the island and history and was kind enough to offer us a free tour by night since we arrive late the first day. An overall great experience i recommend to anyone who wants something peaceful far away from crowded tourist tour Yassine and pascal
23 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
My friend and I went backpacking through Vietnam for a month and found our way up to Cát Bà Island. In all my travels, I have never experienced such unique and overwhelming natural beauty as I did there. It was the highlight of my trip. Vietnam Kayaking Ventures seemed like the perfect way to more deeply explore Cát Bà's island system so we made a reservation for the two-day boat tour. Reservations were easy to make in their office (which is right by the waterfront) a day beforehand. Private tours or small group tours were available and the rates were very reasonable for both. My friend and I set off on our private tour with Chans as our guide. We passed through a magical scene of floating fishing villages and boats among the hundreds of islands as far as the eye can see until we found a good place to explore. Since we were the only ones on the tour, Chans asked if we wanted to take a more aggressive kayak tour which we heartily agreed to. Chans is a native of Cát Bà and knows the islands very well. He was great at keeping us away from other kayaking tours as we explored darkened caverns (with headlamps), hidden lagoons, and even took a short hike through an island to a hidden beach. Chans taught us how to fish for squid - and my friend actually caught one! We brought the squid back to the boat and gave it to the chef on board. He prepared it for us along with a gorgeous spread of fresh fish, vegetables and other traditionally prepared foods. It was easily one of the top three meals I had during my entire time in Vietnam! We relaxed on the top deck of the boat to watch the sun set and drank local rice liquor until the moon rose. Between the stars in the sky and the sparkling bioluminescence of the water, the darkened island system took on an entirely new even more impressively beautiful look. We woke up to a delicious breakfast and spent the entire second day kayaking and swimming around new parts of the islands. It was an incredible adventure and one I will not forget!