08 Aug 2017 on TripAdvisor
We stayed for one night in this homestay and we have mixed feeling about the place. The location and the view is just breath-taking as you avoid the tourist traps possibly located in Sapa town and you can experience the real life in the mountains. We chose to do two different trekking with a local guide called “Chili” and we really enjoyed the experience. The nature is quite unique and if you can walk for 4 hours, it is a must do. The local guide was exceptional and extremely kind. The room is what you would expect for the price you pay. In our case, the door did not close properly and it can be quite noisy as it does not isolation. However, remember that the conditions are luxury compared to some houses in the local area. We had the impression the homestay was managed by people from Hanoi as these were very present during our stay. This is not necessarily bad but it is just a factor if you want to promote the local community. The only serious issue we really had was the bus that the homestay booked for us to return to Hanoi. We told them that we wanted a “luxury” bus and they booked us two seats that were at the best a big coffin. (very disappointed that the homestay booked us such a bus). Overall the experience was very positive and we would like to thank the homestay for our local experience in Sapa.
jamespdesmond, Colorado
22 Nov 2016 on TripAdvisor
It saddens me to see the bad reviews of this place since it was so amazing ...don't listen to these people...they obviously weren't thinking clearly when they booked a mountain homestay. Yes , it's a homestay so the bed and toilets are not hotel quality....but you have everything you need and the people, food, and views are spectacular!! Don't come here if you are looking for a 5 star hotel , or don't want to be around village people , dogs , mountain views, and all the sights and sounds of staying in someone's home in the mountains....but for me it was exactly what I wanted! ZiZi and here family were so nice and you can access day treks from here so easily. Best way to really submerge yourself in the mountains !! Will come back ! Oh did I mention the food!? So great.
Michelle D, USA
02 Oct 2016 on TripAdvisor
The homestay is quite a ways out of Sapa town, but worth the trip. They will also arrange a shuttle pickup to bring you there, that I believe was 2usd/person. It's a little walk up the path to get to the homestay, but once you get there you are greeted with breathtaking views of the rice terraces all around you. Nice spot to sit and relax over a cup of tea and the wifi was reliable for me to get some work done. They will help you plan trekking tours, but the location allows you to go off on your own for a day trek without a guide and they will help you figure out how to do that as well. The family meals were incredible and absolutely worth the money and the pancake and tea/coffee in the morning included in the price was a great way to start the day. The dorm room is a loft area with mattresses on the floor. Simple, but very comfortable. Each bed has a personal charging outlet and a mosquito net. Hot water showers too! It can get a bit noisy in the morning as people start their day with the sun, but earplugs are an easy fix to that. Highly recommend to have a torch with you to make your way from the main house to the dorm house after dark, as the path is rocky, but really adds to the experience. There were puppies all over and kids during the day as they also offer school to some of the local children. So awesome! They helped me figure out the long route I wanted to take into Lao by bus(es) and boat. One of my favorite places to stay in Vietnam and so relaxing. Thank you Zizi!
01 Oct 2016 on TripAdvisor
(+ve)"Autentic" place living among locals. +Surrounded by beautiful nature and ricefields ____________________________________ -There is a reason there is no picture of the dorm, it consists of massive amounts of matrasses layed out next to eachother in the addict. A very steep ladder to climb. The way into the homestay itself is 50m incredible steef hill, not suitable for elderly people, people with walking disabilities, wheelchair etc. -Lots of mosqitoes, wich was extra alarming considering there is a number of pigs outside. (Japanese encefalitis risk) -With the quality of the accomodation and food, I believe there are more places in the area with great facilities and food but at same price. (Having tried a few ourselves) -Most dissapointing of all, we felt differently treated by two young girls in the staff. Our orders would usually be forgotten but always delayed after everyone elses, when we finally got our orders they would often be cold, smaller, different from everyone elses. Im not sensitive but this was an absurd and highly noticable thing going on until the point that we left early for another stay. We didnt ask for anything impossible other then smoothies without ice, wich upon we got to experience rude behavior and massive attitude issues to our surprise. Would never come back
Rob L, Netherlands
18 Sep 2016 on TripAdvisor
With the rice paddies meters from the veranda and epic views of the sweeping Vally below, I highly recommend this homestay to all types of travellers who are wanting a genuine experience of Sapa, away from the bustling main town . With mountain treks literally behind the homestay, there were many adventures to be had within a short walking distance . There were dinners with the guesthouse owners every night with the option to do your own thing if you were after something elsewhere (the food was really good, so I would advise eating in for at least a night). Many of the people who lived in the village were also guides for trekking and offered help with anything you may need. Sapa town center was only a 10-15 minute motorbike(scooter) trip away so don't o be put off by the distance