Romina D
10 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
Just perfect. Great way to know the bay, swim in desert islands and see monkeys in their natural habitat! It was fantastic
Sharon C
27 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
Nice but a few things to know… The tour was quite nice. We went to monkey island first, a hike I didn't do because I'd heard it was jagged and somewhat dangerous for those that aren't comfortable with scrambling on rocks. After that we went kayaking and that was pretty, we followed the guide through some caves. Lunch on after that, a lot of other reviews mentioned the food being delicious and plenty. I thought it was pretty average, mostly vegetarian except for 1 fish per 6 people, and our table didn't have enough food. One of the guys (not anyone I know) actually went and asked another table for their leftover spring rolls as they had a bunch. Honestly for as cheap as this tour was, that's fine. But good to know if that's important to others. The main thing that was a bit disappointing is that a number of reviews mentioned Mr. Ba and his information and stories on the tour. But he didn't join us, so it was something I really missed. I picked this tour in the hopes of having a local person join us and that isn't how it worked out. The girl that ran the tour was nice enough but had been in Vietnam less time than we have and didn't have answers to most of our questions. For the $15 we spent on this tour, we saw some beautiful places, it was not crowded, the pace was relaxed and the trip executed well, no hitches.
08 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
Matilde is THE BEST!!! I wasn’t even on her tour. My tour group went ahead to the top of monkey island, save a couple of us who were a bit more afraid of heights and inexperienced rock climbers. We did our best, but going down looked super extra challenging. MATILDE TO THE RESCUE. She showed us how to descend and then would step by step guide us. She may have saved our lives .... or at least saved us from broken limbs, cuts and bruises. I offered to buy her a drink but my money was on the boat. THANKS MATILDE!! You should book the tour just to have her as your amazing guide!!
28 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
Very enjoyable tour with great guide. I really enjoyed my tour with Alibaba, the tour guide Matilda was fantastic. Very positive and happy, she made sure all our needs were met. We enjoyed climbing monkey mountain, kayaking around the bays and swimming. The food was also delicious! Thank you Matilda for a great day!!
Rosie shooter
26 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
Beautiful day! Such a great way to spend a day if you’re on cat ba. Beautiful kayaking and the view from monkey island is worth the hike. Tilly our tour guide was brilliant, very helpful and friendly. Lunch was delicious aswell!