Armaan K
25 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
These guys picked me up from the airport, fed me well (breakfast, snacks, and lunch) for each dive day, took me to amazing sites, and worked with me to provide service that catered to my experience. Everyone here is a beauty, ESPECIALLY Yance, my dive master. He really went the extra mile to give me some amazing experiences with the manta rays. I would 100% recommend him to anyone coming out to Komodo. Yes, you’re paying a good chunk of money, but you’re also getting excellent service. I dived in the north and central. Talk about which sites you want to do or what things you want to see in advanced because they might be able to help with that.
24 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
Unfortunately I cannot recommend Divers Paradise Komodo. Yes, the staff is friendly and the boat is quite nice with the chill zone on the second floor but the dives were dangerous and the dive leaders not attentive enough. I have done multiple drift dives but I have never experienced such extreme currents as on the Castle Rock, our first dive site. Our guide, one other guy and I went in and immediately started descending. I jumped in last and due to the extreme strong current it was super difficult to not get swept away from the guide. We were not given a hook and I did not have gloves, I tried to hold on to something at the bottom but it was impossible. I was paddling like crazy and was out of breath, leading to a bit of panic (out of breath and struggling not to be swept away). My buddy's tank got lose and the guide went immediately up to the surface (no safety stop no nothing). The guide said he had never experienced such stron current there (not sure if that is true). Another group had lost one of the dive group members (actually swept away). The other dives (luckily) did not have such strong currents (though they had currents) however the guide was still swimming too fast and not looking back such that you constantly had to paddle very intensely to keep up and hadn't had time to enjoy the wildlife. Again no safety stop. I wanted to do a safety stop but he pulled me up. On the boat he said that a safety stop is not necessary... In summary, the state of the equipment (loose tank, the BCD wouldn't inflate) as well as the safety consciousness of the dive leader made for an underwhelming experience and I would probably go with a different dive center. Also the lunch boxes are not refridgerated. The food gave me diarrhea and an upset stomach.
23 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
We booked a full day of diving with Divers Paradise Komodo and David was our diveinstructor. It was an amazing day with three beautiful diving spots (Bato Bolong, Manta Point, Siaba Besar). David was so helpful and took care of all the three of us. I felt really safe and we had a good time. The crew was great too, the boat was amazing. Nothing to complain ;D Thanks for that great adventure! xoxo nina
17 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
Attended to their Open water course with my girlfriend in November 2019. Instructor David was very caring and professional - addressing our individual needs and challenges during the course. He spoke English and French fluently. Boat and gear were in good condition. Dives were not crowded and super gorgeous, we saw manta rays in two occasions. Highly recommended.
15 Nov 2019 on TripAdvisor
The dive center is well organised and the communication beforehand was excellent. We spent 4 amazing days with Dominik and the crew. Dominik showed us stunning spots always keeping in mind our experience level! We were beginners (~30 dives) and we always felt comfortable and each spot was a highlight by itself! Dominik and the Crew made the days unforgettable, always smiling, always happy and very helpful! The service and the food on the boat were amazing! We definitely recommend this dive centre and especially liveaboard!