Borsós Viktor
17 Feb 2020 on SeekSophie
Kristi Crawford
16 Feb 2020 on SeekSophie
Really enjoyed the experience- great value for a budget option. The guides were very knowledgeable, but sometimes were very quiet so it was often hard to hear them on the boats unless you were sitting at the back right next to them. Staff was friendly, resort was very clean, food was good. Got to see many animals and that’s really what it was all about for me so I was quite happy!
Brian Gray
08 Feb 2020 on SeekSophie
The only negative thing I can say is in the morning River trip, we should’ve gotten an option to go try and view crocodiles or try and find the orangutans before we got in the boat. Half the people in the boat wanted to go one way and half the other so it would’ve been better to please everyone and go in different boats. The staff are fantastic and the food was excellent and good variety.
Juan Miguel Reynoso
05 Feb 2020 on SeekSophie
The food can improve to fit the needs of a vegan. More breakfast options would be great.
Carol Diamond
31 Jan 2020 on SeekSophie
The wildlife was great! The boat trips were fruitful! The first afternoon out we saw lots of proboscis monkeys. Playing and jumping. The morning boat trip crocodiles and birds. The second afternoon we saw orangutan and her baby. It is tough to see them because they are shy. The night walks were good but we only saw birds! Cons: The resort didn’t event give bottled water! No WiFi: Didn’t help with luggage and the food was just ok. My real rating is probably 3.5.