tallperson007, Virginia
18 Oct 2018 on TripAdvisor
One Stop Shop with Good Prices Clean rooms, very friendly and accommodating people, good food,and excellent trekking options. We stayed here, ate here, and booked our trek through them and everything was great. The rooms were clean, the staff friendly and willing to help us with anything, good cooks (important!), and all around great hosts. The owner Pindra speaks excellent English and is a trekking guide himself, so he is very knowledgable about how the treks run and operate (as there is a solid chance he will not guide you himself but simply help arrange it for you.) The guide he arranged for us for our 3 day trek, Alex, was knowledgable about the flora and fauna, spoke excellent english, and did his best to accommodate any requests we might have. All in all a great experience that I would recommend to anyone, especially as all the prices are very reasonable and comparable to or lower than other guesthouses in the area.
Julien, Indonesia
14 Oct 2018 on Booking.com
An awesome adventure with really nice people! Liked á The location is awesome, you can directly walk from the hotel into the jungle. The people are really kind and helpful. Definitely recommend this place!
Joo_Annka, Indonesia
28 Sep 2018 on TripAdvisor
When I arrived, the lady who run the place was friendly to me and we talked a bit, but it ended when they found out I've already booked a trekking tour with another, independent guide. They totally ignored me since that moment and when I asked if I could keep my bag there for the time of trekking, they asked for some ridiculous price (like 80 k per day or so). Now I understand this is typical for most of the guesthouses in Ketambe, the owners earn mostly from the jungle tours so obviously they don't like if someone book it in another place, but as I still slept and ate my meals there (which weren't tasty btw), I let them earn some money on me so they really could be nicer. The guesthouse itself is ok for Sumatran standards, but when it starts to rain, it's difficult to get to the bungalows as the path gets super muddy, would be great if they could fix it!
Ryan L
18 Sep 2018 on TripAdvisor
Mario and Lela and Ayuni and all of the others at Sadar Wisata make the long journey to Ketambe worth it! ItÕs a joy to be around them, eat their delicious food, and see how close of a family they are. I stayed there one night on the recommendation of a friend and did the 4d3n trekking. Such a good choice! ItÕs a peaceful place and theyÕll laugh with you and make sure you are comfortable. Blessings from Ryan :)
Jessica, Australia
16 May 2018 on Booking.com
Liked á The owner of this guest house is super friendly and will go out of her way to do anything for you - especially in low season when the tourists are few and far between! The rooms are very basic, I stayed in the Ôsmall roomÕ at a cost of Rm 50k and so you get what you pay for. The owner was happy to provide me with hot water etc to prepare my own breakfast and also, due to me being a solo traveller, called up another guest house (friendship) to arrange for me to go jungle trekking with another group. Disliked á Laundry is expensive here, do it yourself or wait until you reach a city. Also, the owner tried to encourage me to go jungle trekking on my own and implied there was no other tourists going trekking in the village. I challenged her and therefore she made the call to another guesthouse. Solo trek = Rm 650k/day, group trek = rm 350k/day. No fans in room and it can get hot :(