Matt T
21 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
Ketambe jungle trekking with Jack and Raza We initially contacted Jack via email after reading some of his Tripadvisor reviews. He quickly responded and helped us organise 4 days guided trekking in Ketambe with him and his brother. He arranged an overnight stay for us in Medan and met us the following morning where he had a taxi waiting to take us on the 8 hour drive to Ketambe. We were prepared to make the longer journey to Ketambe rather than the shorter trip to Bukit Lawang as we wanted a chance to see the Orangutan in their natural environment and not at a feeding station with lots of other tourists. Jack arranged for us to stay at a guesthouse in Ketambe as a base for our jungle walks. The guesthouse was nice and the people running the place very friendly and helpful. All the locals seemed happy to see us and we felt like celebrities as people would just stop us on the road and want to shake our hands and have a picture taken with us. The jungle trekking with Jack and his brother was incredible and were lucky enough to spot Orangutans on each of the 4 days we were there. We also saw Hornbills, Thomas Leaf Monkeys, lots of Macaques, as well as a variety of butterflies and insects which were all very impressive. The parts of the jungle we walked in were very unspoilt. We had arranged for Jack to be our private guide which meant we only saw 3 or 4 other tourists the whole time we were in the jungle, so it was a very special and unique experience, especially when we spent time watching the Orangutans up in the canopy. If you are looking for luxury accommodation and to be waited on hand an foot, this is not the place to come. This is definitely the place to come if you want a life changing adventure which will see you experience one of the last remaining and most bio-diverse jungle habitats in the world. An experience that will likely stay with you forever! Jack is an official ranger of the National Park and is very passionate about it's protection. He employs local people in a range of jobs to ensure that they have work so they are not tempted to get involved in illegal logging or the bush meat trade. Coming to Ketambe and using Jack's services as a jungle guide will ensure that your money is directly contributing the the protection of the jungle rather than giving your money to someone who maybe out to make a quick buck and not care too much about the jungle and sustainable eco-tourism.
Pablo W
20 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
Most beautiful Jungle experience in Ketambe. We spent three days (2 nights) with Jack in the jungle of Ketambe. Jack is very well organised so the booking went very smooth. Jack is a very experienced and qualified guide. We had the luck to see orang-utans in their natural habitat. Furthermore we could hike to some beautiful waterfalls and take a bath in the natural hot springs. The food that jack prepared was delicious! We slept in tents next to a river, always after a beautiful dinner at a bonfire. Anybody whoÔd like to experience the natural beauty of the jungle and itÔs animals just needs to do this trip! We couldnt have asked for more! Thanks for everything Jack! :)
Beatriz Spicazo
23 Mar 2019 on Google
Very interesting guy. He's friendly, professional and knowledgeable, so he can be a perfect guide for your adventure in the jungle!
Charlotte Richardson
10 Feb 2019 on Google
We just arrived back from a great 3 day jungle trek with Jack as our guide. He was very professional and met with us before to talk through the trip. We saw lots of wildlife thanks to his skills in spotting orangutans and other monkeys up in the rainforest canopy. The scenery was beautiful and each day we had a refreshing swim in the river and a stop at some amazing hot springs! We camped for two nights and were cooked plenty of good food for 3 meals a day by our porter and cook Udin - including banana pancakes for breakfast! I would definitely recommend Jack as a guide for jungle trekking. His English is good and he is easy-going and helpful.
rudy ketambe
29 Jan 2019 on Google
Ketambe is the best options Find local guide with good experience..raza jack can help to organize everithing for you