Tom_Egeton, Vietnam
10 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
A great trip for my family (2 kids aged 4 and 6) being picked up from Hanoi by our tour guide Le. He stayed with us for the duration of the tour And made sure we were all looked after. Boat was clean and well looked after. Lots of food for all meals (2 lunches, breakfast and dinner) some great trips to caves, kayaking, fishing village. All staff were very attentive. Worth the cost with amazing views all around.
Enjoy-life999, Netherlands
29 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
We made a 2 day trip with Kevin to Halong Bay. It was very nice and we have enjoyed very much Kevin can tell many things about the daily life off Vietnam, also the bus trip was smoothly. At the boat; ‘the legend’ we feel comfortabel, all the people are very kindly. At the tour Kevin speeks with respect about the original people who life in the fisherman houses. We loved the trip and all the suggestions we received from Kevin. Thank you very much, we recommand you! Henriette
26 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
We had amazing experience with Garden Bay Cruise. We booked it for 2D/1N. Mr. Le has greated us very nicely. Staff is very nice and friendly. They take care about everything for us. It was my wife's birthday so they specially arrange birthday Cake for us. Good was amazing. Though we r vegan but still they took care about everything for our food. The kayaking was amazing Staff is very nice and Mr. Le is the perfect guide to have with on cruise.
Rosanna K
22 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
3 days and 2 nights WASTED on this false and misleading cruise. After we docked, we complained and demanded a refund. A rep turned up to my hotel and THREATENED that if we wrote a bad review online they would not refund $80USD. The man stayed in the foyer of my hotel for over an hour and called my daughters room! These people are disgusting. Thank god the crew were nice! The whole crew were lovely and tried really hard to make this hell hole enjoyable but you just can’t polish a turd! 1. Repeated activities for day 1 and day 2. 2. No shower screens when taking a shower which meant the whole floor was flooded. The shower walls were rotting and smelt all through the room. 3. We were put on a day boat for 6 hours on day 2. I did not read this anywhere on the Agoda ad. The day boat pulled into a kayak hiring place that was unswimable due to the extreme rubbish and oil in the water. In order to swim, we needed to kayak 15 mins away. After lunch time, we were told to ‘rest’ for 45-60mins. There was no where to rest! We were on a mini boat with dining chairs to ‘rest’ on. We could even go for a swim due to the dirty water. We had nothing to do so my family played games on their phone. All passengers were cranky and hot while ‘resting’. We could have cruised around the bay sight seeing during that time. Who was the rest for???? 4. No shade on the deck. This meant that we were in the sun the whole time while in deck. The pictures on Agoda clearly display a covered deck. On day 3 it was raining which meant we couldn’t enjoy the deck on the way back. 5. No cushions on any of the out door seats on the deck or on my private balcony. I paid for a private balcony so my family could enjoy some time together. When we went to sit on the lounge, my daughter scorched her skin due to the heat from the uncushioned lounges. 6. Broken lock between the joining rooms. My children were staying in the adjoining room and I could not open the door as the sliding lock was broken. 7. Excessive time waiting. We spent a lot of time waiting around. We were waiting for the cruise, waiting for the day boat, waiting on the day boat, waiting for brunch, waiting for the bus. Waiting waiting waiting. Your Agoda advertisement is false and misleading with pictures that do not resemble the actual state of the boat. I have my own pictures that clearly display the decaying state of the boat.
Annaliese W
17 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
My partner and I did the 3 day 2 night cruise. It was a disaster, it ended up with ALL the group's which had stayed there complaining and meeting with the 'General Manager' when we were back on shore. We were offered a small refund ($25), one group was offered a slightly bigger refund ($40) and the other group was never offered a refund until we told then. We had many issues with the trip as follows: The room was different than described, at first we were put in a room with two single beds, then when I complained they put us in a room right next to the dining room with a double bed. This was still different than the room description, which said we would have two chairs and a mini bar in our room, instead it was so cramped that even the bedside table was turned the incorrect way. There was wallpaper peeling and multiple broken handles in the room. The bathroom was disgusting. The showerhead was duct taped on to stop it falling off. There was almost no water pressure which the crew tried to explain away as being too many people showering at once, however it did not improve when everyone was in the dining room. There was a complete lack of hot water - none in the tap and we both had to take two cold showers after swimming in the dirty water. There was no doorframe on the shower (we were not informed that these were due to be replaced in the future until we complained), these should not have been removed until they were to be replaced instantly. The entire shower just filled the bathroom and we could not walk through the room without getting it soaked too. As in the pictures of the boat on Booking. Com there was no sun cover, which meant we could not sit outside if it was too sunny or if it rained (for example today we all had to sit inside for hours waiting to get off the boat because it was too wet to sit upstairs). So we did not get to enjoy the view and we weren't allowed back into our rooms to relax so we all sat around uncomfortable dining chairs for hours waiting to get off the boat. There were no pillows on the black hard plastic furniture on the sun deck, which was extremely uncomfortable when the sun was out as it was too hot to sit on or when it was too warm your skin stuck to the furniture and it was highly uncomfortable. The Itinerary across the board was completely different from what was advertised online, we were not informed that the activities would be almost exactly the same for two days in a row - we were made to swim and kayak in the exact same place both days (it was crowded and very very dirty, you were sticky after coming out). We also were told there would be a fruit carving class, there was not. On the itinerary it makes it seem that there would be multiple different cooking classes, however we were informed on the second day that again the class would be the same as the night before. The second day we were told on the itinerary we would be on a cruise through Ha Long Bay, we did not cruise through the bay at all. The second day we were put on a tiny 'dayboat' it was extremely cramped with approx 20 people on it with couches that could sit 1-2 groups, so the rest of us had to sit on rock hard dining chairs for 6 hours. The space was so boiling hot as the aircons were too small for the space and again we were left here to sit in the heat for hours. There was hours spent sitting around waiting - we were told to 'relax' but had nowhere comfortable to relax and all ended up rather grumpy from boredom and the heat. Not only this but the 'bathroom' on the day boat was disgusting. There was no soap, no hand towel, we ran out of toilet paper within the first hour so had to use the tissues from the dining room the rest of the day. The sink was broken and pieces of the smashed wood were lying around the ground. And I will repeat, on this dayboat we stayed in the same spot for 6 hours, and were pushed off to do kayaking and swimming in the exact same spot as the day before with nowhere to wash ourselves so sat in sticky swamp water for 4-5 hours. If we had known the itinerary would essentially be exactly the same on both days and that we would have such a poor experience there is no way we would have booked this boat. Nearly no part of what we experienced the last few days aligns with what was advertised and we are very very sorely disappointed. We were given a $25 refund, which just is not good enough after spending over €420 plus all the well overpriced drinks (we were not supplied with enough water so ended up spending €8 a day at least on extra water). Do not go on this cruise. Waste of time and money