04 Feb 2020 on Tripadvisor
Very friendly sfaff and great start of learning a surfing. Especially giving a feedback with videos was very nice.
03 Feb 2020 on Tripadvisor
It’s my second time with Indasurf and I can’t express how great it is with these guys! When you wake up every morning to take the class at 7 am and you are really happy about every wave you take. Video analysis is really helpful as you can see your mistakes, wrong positions and.. the best waves you take! Thank you Suriya and Indra, you are amazing ️ I dream about coming back to Indasurf.
Zlata O
27 Jan 2020 on Tripadvisor
Thanks a lot for this wonderful experience! It was my first lesson and I’m in love with the ocean! A really great and kindness stuff work here, totally recommend! See you on the other wave)))
lewich, Australia
31 Dec 2019 on Tripadvisor
We booked a Christmas Day surf lesson with In Da Surf, we made our way to the surf shop for 11:30am and sat down in a group of 8 to go over the 'pop-up' theory with Wilson. He used this time to get everyone acquainted with each other and work out which foot each of us should lead with. After this, we jumped into the van and took a short drive down to Canggu beach. We were paired up and given an instructor (1 instructor per 2 people) then we warmed up, practised a couple of pop-ups and hit the surf. Conditions were great and we were able to practise on a constant stream of beginner waves. After the lesson, and a drink, we were driven back to the shop for video analysis. A videographer took us through each wave and made notes on where we can improve next time - really useful to see the mistakes from another perspective. Great team, awesome experience. Just remember to take sandals with you to the beach as the sand is extremely hot!
Andrea L
23 Dec 2019 on Tripadvisor
We stayed at Surfing House Hostel and had three lessons. We had never surfed before and were able to catch some waves, which was nice. We had a lot of fun and the instructors were very good. Would come again!