05 Aug 2019 on TripAdvisor
A must see for the flying foxes! Review of: Sunset Dining Cruise in Labuan Bajo with Alba Cruise We had a great day with Alba cruise on the sunset dining cruise. The flying foxes were definitely a must see, as good as the Komodo’s were, seeing this flying fox display made our trip! Photographs just don’t do it justice! Ari, our guide, was a fantastic guide and couldn’t do enough for us to make our trip enjoyable. Would definitely recommend. P.s. don’t forget the extra money required for entry to Rinca as we almost forgot!
michaelc799, Vancouver, Canada
24 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
Spectacular Day Sailing, Snorkeling, Seeing Komodo Dragons/Flying Foxes, & Sunset Review of: Sunset Dining Cruise in Labuan Bajo with Alba Cruise If you are in Labuan Bajo, ALBA TOUR'S Sunset Cruise is a MUST do. Here's my 100% honest experience, no sugarcoating. Agenda day trip to... 1) A small island to do a 10 minute uphill hike to take lovely pictures. Tip: walk slow because it's a makeshift path with rocks and sand that can slide. Had a quick swim in the warm water. 2) Next visited a nice spot to snorkel. My wife and I aren't great swimmers, but they provided lifejackets and these fantastic new snorkels that allow you 2 breathe through your nose. We saw beautiful fish and the coral. Alberto (our guide) and another crewmate swam with us and we always felt safe. Snorkeled for about 15-20 minutes. 3) To Rinca Island to see the Komodo Dragons. Very well organized. Always felt safe. Chris (our Komodo guide) was wonderful and very knowledgeable. We saw 7 Komodo Dragons that varied in size. It was a dream of mine to even see just 1, so to see 7 was an added bonus. Price was RP's 310.000. 4) Saw a beautiful sunset from the upper deck of the boat. 5) Witnessed the 'flying foxes' at sunset leaving their mangrove trees to get food from Flores fruit trees. These things were massive bats and it was a sight to behold...and then we returned home. We left around 12:15 and arrived at 8:15pm. Now the crew. They were fantastic! We met Alberto (our main guide) & Tasman (a guide in training. They were both so kind and generous. We shared stories with each other, and they taught us a lot about each location we visited and about Indonesia. One of them was always near by and we always felt in good hands. The rest of the gentleman were all very kind, unfortunately we didn't get a chance to directly interact with each of them. But they were always smiling, polite, and very accommodating if we needed anything. The food was top notch as well. We were offered water right away and could ask for as much water as we wanted. We had a lovely lunch with chicken, rice, and vegetables. Here's where they really stepped up. We had forgotten to mention that my wife doesn't eat meat, only fish. We were fine accepting our error, and mentioned for dinner if there could be a vegetarian/fish option. They instantly went back and made her a wonderful dish with tempe and vegetables. That's how you treat your guests! Very well done! We had a midday snack with either choice of coffee or tea, and 3 different desserts. I had all 3 and they were all delicious. Dinner was rice, a whole white snapper covered with lemon grass, onions, and garlic (I think) for each guest. Then for dessert we had a mango gelatin dish. Everything was delicious! Saw everyone's plates empty at the end of the meal. Good sign. Random thoughts...Alba Tours has a shuttle vehicle that will pick you up from your hot. The wood boat is brand new and quite lovely. You can sit around the wood table on the ride or go to the lovely open upper deck with bean bags chairs to relax and view the beauty. The bathroom has a western style toilet (toilet paper provided), which is always a bonus. There was cool music playing on the stereo, and a charger to charge your phone. There was a sink to wash your hands. The crew enjoyed taking pictures of us. This is great for my wife and I because it's usually a picture of one or the other. Haha. In conclusion, ALBA TOUR was a TOP NOTCH experience, 100% recommended to anyone that wants to have a fantastic memorable 1 day experience rather than those multiple day sleep outings; which personally are not for me. We now have beautiful pictures, fantastic memories, and made some great acquaintances. Thank you ALBA TOURS! Keep up the great work. Best of luck to you all. If you keep this level of customer service up you'll have a flourishing future! Terima Kasih!
tiarasparkle, London, United Kingdom
11 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
Only trip I could find that did kelong bats as day trip It was more than twice the price of the day trip we did with red whale but I really wanted to see the bats fly from kelong island and I couldn’t find any other day trip that did it. Even looked at chartering a small speed boat but could not find availability. They were 55 minutes late to collect us from hotel. Boat was supposed to depart at 11.30 and it left at 12.35. I assume we had shorter at each place we visited but we saw all I wanted to see. You need some fitness as the trip is on a wooden boat and then you transfer at each destination to a motor boat. Some heavier people struggled. The sunset trip goes to 4 places, a steep hill that is very hard to descend as no steps but a good view. Not so great a view as Kelor island thought. Then snorkeling off a jetty. This was very good as live coral and loads of star fish. It was not deep in-fact maybe wear a life vest so you don’t kick the coral by mistake. Then Rinca island to see the Komodo. We saw several and they were interacting more than the ones we saw at Komodo. But it’s look of the draw what you see. The boat has an upstairs with bean bags and awning and downstairs a dining table and chairs for the copious amounts of food served. Western toilet. I would take water with you they provide it but not as often or as much as you will need on hot day. At 6.15 the bAts fly and an amazing spectacle. Then you have dinner and return to Labuan bajo. You leave and return from a hotel jetty
Georgia Nelson, Gnelson90
08 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
Best day tour ever! Review of: Sunset Dining Cruise in Labuan Bajo with Alba Cruise My husband and I went on the sunset dining cruise as part of our honeymoon. It was a fantastic day and was the highlight of our 4 week trip. The crew were very friendly with fantastic English. They provided interesting facts about the locations and general life of people in the area. The food was FANTASTIC! There was a LOT of high quality, fresh food prepared by chef Michael on board. The boat was a wooden ship with bean bags and a large wooden dining table. It was comfortable and had a real toilet (something we found many other tours don’t have). The view of the bats at sunset, amazing snorkeling locations, visit to the Komodo dragons with guided tour and beautiful island trip were all amazing. Thank you for providing outstanding service and making our trip memorable, we can’t wait to come back!
Rodney G, Crgreen1947
05 Jul 2019 on TripAdvisor
An amazing day with Alba Yesterday we did the wonderful Komodo Island with Cruise East We found that excellent. Great comfortable fast boat. 26 on board. Would thoroughly recommend it But didn’t want to get up at 5 again but did want to see Rinca and flying foxes So booked Alba sunset cruise which started at 11 am Pick up was on time and then straight to our boat To our surprise it was only the 2 of us on it. And what a beautiful wooden boat We had an amazing day Great snorkeling with the new snorkeling face masks which work very well Saw a lot of Komodo dragons on Rinca Island. Much more than we saw on Komodo Island. The sunset very beautiful and then the flying foxes. Incredible During the trip we could sit on the bean bags upstairs for a great view We were served lunch, afternoon tea, and a 4 course dinner prepared on board by chef Michael. All delicious. Plenty of water and coffee and tea Great guide. In fact the whole crew were very good Back to our hotel at 8:15 Would thoroughly recommend Alba