Adrienne L, USA
01 Jan 2018 on TripAdvisor
We stayed at Angel Island Resort for 4 nights over the Christmas holiday. We were met promptly at the airport and a shuttle took us to the harbor to meet our boat transfer. Everything went smoothly. Pros: Our villa and the outdoor bathroom were huge! Bed was king sized, comfortable and the room had its own water cooler, which is a wonderful idea for a resort with limited water access. We didn't have to deal with small plastic water bottles or bother the staff to refill our glass bottles every day. Robes, slippers and great in-room coffee machine, too. Great water pressure - hot and cold on demand! Clean - we found the entire resort to be very clean, though there are small particles of plastic you could see mixed within the sand at low tide. Unfortunately, we're seeing this more and more with different beaches we visit. Otherwise, the beach and the water were incredible. Staff - very friendly, young Flores men who run and staff this resort. I'm not exaggerating when I say that we didn't see one female staff member the entire time we were there. We didn't find communication to be a huge issue, but when it was, the point and smile technique worked just fine! Food - we found the menu to be fine. Breakfast was a bit basic, but the bruschetta and some of the other local fare was great and flavorful. I might suggest that they add more to their wine list, as we did find that to be limited. For Christmas Eve, they set up a buffet with fresh fish, salads and side dishes. Very good! Wifi - for the remote location, we were really impressed with the wifi! Each room gets its own password and the signal was quite strong in the common areas as well. Cons: Food during off hours - meal times are set, and while the staff did bring a small snack around during the mid afternoon, there are no options if you're hungry between breakfast, lunch or dinner. Perhaps the owner would consider a small all-day snack menu for people to order from. Beach service - if you're just relaxing at the beach and expect a waiter to come and serve you beer/food, lower your expectations. The staff are attentive, but will not go above and beyond to serve you. Boat tour - we booked the Komodo National Park tour with the front desk and the tour was great, however the resort's boat was broken down the day we went so we had to take an alternate (MUCH SLOWER) boat to get around. It look nearly 2 hours to get from Angel Island to Rinca, which is apparently double the time it would take with a faster boat. It would have been nice as a good will effort to give us a discount on the tour. Also, please tell your tour guides that they should not be smoking on the tour boats or around the guests. There is ample time at each stop for them to have a smoke break, but it shouldn't be happening on a private tour. Mosquitoes - I am half laughing as I write this as a con, as we were on a remote island but we found the mosquitoes to be a little out of control. They do a "smoke out" once a week, but there were days where we felt like we were getting eaten alive. Pack your bug spray! Kayaks and snorkel gear - though adequate, the kayaks and the snorkel gear are all a little tired and could stand to be replaced. No pool We would definitely recommend this resort to friends and would stay again if we're ever in the area. Thanks, Angel Island!
sswm, Alaska
06 Nov 2017 on TripAdvisor
My husband and I were picked up promptly from the airport and transported quickly to the resort...... Pros Snorkeling at the resort is fabulous.... my husband also swam out to the island rock nearby and reported an aquarium with all kinds of fish and beautiful corals etc. there doesn't seem to be too many places in the world where the corals are still beautiful and in every color but Indonesia is one of them.... We took the resorts private boat trip to Rinca island to see the Komodo dragons and snorkeling afterward. (over $200) We saw a dragon in the wild as well as under the kitchen and got some amazing photos. The snorkeling at Banger rock island was just spectacular! We kayaked around the island and had a good time..... there are lots of rocks to go in and out of small caves and tiny sandy beaches. It takes about an hour. The staff other than the French dive master are all boys from Flores. Most are helpful, kind and friendly and do their best to take care of the guests. There was one in particular at meal time that always had a smile in his face.....nice to see! Please consider having them wear name tags so that guests can mention them in reviews easier. The bathrooms are nice they are outside (half of the bathroom) and gives you a great nature experience..especially at night with the evening air... We appreciated the water cooler in the room... good water and no plastic! Cons The location of the bungalows was a issue for me... When I pay as much as I did at this resort. ($1,200 for 3 nights) and am on an island I want to be close to the water and hopefully have a view if the water. At times in other resorts we have had green gardens surrounding us but the bungalows here are in a dry parched jungle...a 5 minute walk to the beach area. The food was hit or miss. Some if it was bland, repetitious and not very inspiring the menu is extensive but somehow everything tastes the same..........breakfast was the worst...the coffee was a french press and was just way to strong......the dining area is nice though air, and on the beach. The fresh watermelon juice and other fresh juices were good..... It was difficult to communicate properly as none of the boys spoke very good English. I was hoping to see the owner at some point as I understand they actually live on angel island. But they evidently do not mingle with the guests often. I asked and was told she was sick then I read a couple reviews that mentioned she was sick and couldn't come out so it made me wonder...... The resort is certainly geared towards divers and it succeeds as a dive resort but I would not call it romantic, nor is there much to do other than diving, snorkeling or kayaking. They add another 3% onto your bill when you pay....we had not had this happen before and wonder why the owners don't just absorb the name of "good will".. The whole resort seems tired......and the beach was not the cleanest... It would help to have some folks around that speak good English also.....
Fazzab, Australia
29 Sep 2017 on TripAdvisor
This is a wonderful island. It reminded us a little of the African bush, with only ten secluded huts, exceptionally well-appointed, and a similar feel to the air. The sea is marvellous, with a private beach that has simply the best, most accessible coral reef we've ever come across. Puffer fish, turtles, moray eels, thousands of reef fish and simply superb coral. Cost is all-in except for alcohol (not expensive), boat-trips and massage. Only 25 minutes by boat from Labuan Bajo. The service is great, people incredibly gracious and friendly. Food is average - the menu is too long and should not attempt to cater to Western tastes. Go for local fare, plus fresh fish and simple dishes, and you'll be fine. Sunset on the beach could not be more beautiful, with what seem to be hundreds of islands fading into the distance.
Mabel T, Singapore
28 Jun 2017 on TripAdvisor
The decision to take a greener holiday, to be one with nature, took us to Komodo National Park this year. The six of us, ranging in age, from 13yo to a spritely 73yo had the most wonderful experience. Our stay at the Angel Island Eco Resort was very much a part of our unforgettable eco-vacation. The resort, located on the island of Pulau Bidadari (Angel Island) is an approximate 25 minute boat ride from Labuan Bajo, the port of Flores Island, in Nusa Tenggara, a region of eastern Indonesia. We were transfixed by the azure bays as our boat sped along the arc of islands that makes up Nusa Tenggara, to our final destination. Our arrival at the resort was charming, reminiscent of Gilligan Island. Greeted by a group of locals who also helped us disembark whilst playing bellboys, the resort was well hidden from the beachfront, like a traditional village. NB: The luggage trolley is worth a photo. The 10-villa resort is the only property on this private island and combines a restaurant, a small sea sports centre, a sala which doubles up as a library and lounge, plus plenty of open spaces for guests to get in touch with nature. Kate, the owner is doing a wonderful job by bringing responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment and improving the welfare of local people. We were told she has a team of 40 working there and boy, did we love her hospitality team - from Pak Deney to Mos, Frito, Christian and everyone there - who saw to our every need and was always making sure we were well looked after. A special shout out to Kate and Sean for showing us a few extraordinary snorkeling spots where we spent hours with our heads submerged underwater looking at the abundant marine life of Komodo, swimming with schooling mantas, spotting baby sharks and Earth’s most ancient sea creature, the turtle. The world of Nemo and Dory is truly technicolor. Thank you, to the delightful staff for making our stay special. If you are looking for an eco friendly lifestyle while on vacation, without sacrificing the quality of your experience, Angel Island is your place.
Juan A, Malaysia
24 Jun 2017 on TripAdvisor
We had planned for a short stay and we really would have enjoyed staying longer. The resort is in a beautiful tiny island just a Short boat trip away from Labuan Bajo. The team there makes you feel truly welcomed and they take great care to ensure a flawless experience. The room-bungalows are large, clean and comfortable and the "all inclusive" menus offer a good variety of good food to meet all tastes. Snorkeling around the island is great and we could see just meters away from the shore baby black tip sharks, puffers, sting rays, scorpion and lion fish, to name a few. SCuba diving with Kate (one of the owners and the Dive Master) was a great experience and she took us to fantastic places in the Komodo area where we had some of the best dives yet. We can only thank Kate, Frido, Albert and the rest of the team for making us feel welcome and at home. We'll be back!!! Jaume and Juan