01 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
What an amazing experience. Cannot recommend highly enough. Well priced and most importantly they were so respectful to the wild life by not engaging to closely and knowing when to move on. Thanks for an amazing day and one that we will never forget. Adam
Marie O, UK
29 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
We met Vijith in his tuktuk from Dambulla to Habarana and he told us all about his safari business. We went this afternoon and literally saw hundreds of elephants... at least 5 different herds and some lone bulls. We saw so many babies and even a pregnant mum. The elephants were everywhere from the bush to the grasses to the lake. Vijith was brilliant and because there were only two of us he brought his parents with him for their first safari ever which made the experience even more special. It was HOT out - 37° in the mid afternoon sun - but Vijith knew where to go when we needed shade whilst watching, but stayed long enough for us to experience each animal. He also moved on when too many jeeps arrived which was very respectful. We also saw foxes, peacocks displaying, deer, monkeys, all sorts of birds, a huge eagle and a large herd of water buffalo galloping towards the watering hole to join the elephants. What an incredible afternoon I can't recommend Vijith highly enough. Thank you thank you! Marie from the UK.
23 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
Our family group of 4 adults and 2 children (9 & 11 ) spent a week in the Dambulla area and used SP Vijith Kumara for an afternoon safari. We were very impressed with the amount of elephants and other wild life he was able to get us close to not only in the national park but along the way. Also he did a great job in taking us to animals away from all the other jeeps. He is a very nice friendly guy and enjoyed talking to all of us providing local knowledge, tips and useful information . After this tour we used him for the entire week for various other sightseeing trips and even to take us places for dinner which he was more than happy to do for us. We did a second morning safari with him which was also brilliant. He is very interested in all of the different animals in the park and was very good at spotting them, pointing them out to us and talking to us about them all. We would highly recommend using him for any safari or sightseeing needs in the Dambulla area. He has a facebook page as follows: Jeep Safaris Mathisha Dambulla. Check him out.
uberd, Melbourne
05 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
Vijitha Was our private driver and he made sure we had a good afternoon. Went the afternoon safari and we saw lots of elephants in their natural habitat. Vijitha Checked regularly we had got the photos we wanted before moving on. Would recommend this guide. Price is good and no rip off that you get with the flashy advertised tours. Thanks Vijitha
noraF52, France
03 Mar 2019 on TripAdvisor
I chose the safari to see fabulous animals and sumptuous landscapes. But this experience shared with vijith learned me that a safari guide by the right person, it's so much more!! A safari with vijith is respect animals, observe in silence, listen to nature and appreciate to take the time while waiting for a vibration. All the senses are focused on animals research and when the time comes, the thrill of passion in front of these majestic wild elephants. Bouquets of butterflies in tall grass, birds of all kinds, peacocks perched high at the treetops making their long blue feathers fall on the tree. Monkeys, bats, chameleons and snakes coexist. It s perfect harmony, the wild harmony. A magical moment with a serious and friendly guy that will remain etched in my memory. Thanks vijith