ChuckOfAllTrades, India
15 Jan 2017 on TripAdvisor
This is a fantastic place to dive, and these are great guys to dive with. I got my PADI AOW from here. First off, the communication was fantastic - Wisni replied to all my emails and Whatsapps pretty quickly and was friendly, and gave me a deal for AOW + 1 extra dive, which was nice. The dive shop itself is quite beautiful - right on the sea, with own boats. The staff are helpful, if a little aloof, but don't let that worry you. The divemasters were helpful. Shirly, Dil and Wisni are terrific lads (though Shirly can be a little stern underwater :D). Special shoutout to Dil. We forgot to get a mask for him, and he actually dove without one! God-level stuff. The only place I would see scope for improvement - and that's why I can't give a 5/5 - is that they're not very involved with helping you fill in the log books, and as a result I still don't know the names of a lot of things that we saw. But that might just be me - a lot of people might not care about that. The diving itself was good - not great - visibility was fantastic but marine life was lacking. Overall, great experience with these guys. On their website, they have a history of the shop and its tragic history around the tsunami time. You should read it - it'll make you appreciate what these guys do, even more. Bottom line: Looking to dive in Galle / Unawatuna - you can't go wrong with these guys.
Ashwin K
01 Dec 2016 on TripAdvisor
Had the pleasure of doing our PADI Advanced Open Water course with our very lovely instructor Wisni here. Was very easy to arrange in advance as they promptly responded to our emails. The diving itself was great! As it was so early in the season, visibility wasn't endless but good enough to see plenty of fish and coral. Worked alongside Wisni to pick which adventure dives we should do, but all five were great. Highlight was seeing two huge turtles in our night dive - jaw dropping and eerie. Only tricky bit was managing to pay the lot in cash which took a fair amount of planning to withdraw the cash over multiple days from the ATM.
moniquelmm, New York
02 Oct 2016 on TripAdvisor
My friends and I decided to go on a dive at spur of the moment because they offered us an affordable deal and it was a nice day. It was my first dive and I was mildly terrified. My instructor held my hand the whole time and would make sure I was okay. They also make sure to practice all the precautions and breathing in shallow water before taking you out on the boat. I would definitely recommend visiting these guys even if it is or isn't your first time diving! The coral reef and shipwreck were great to see!
Tomislav N
11 Aug 2016 on TripAdvisor
hello everyone.Submarine Diving School is the bast school in the world,I traveled a lot around the world and I have always loved to dive,but the amazing experience I got in Sri Lanka at Submarine Diving School.This is the most professional schools in the world,The owner of the school is a lovely gentleman Wisni Niranjana,no matter how scared you know his experience will make your equipment safe.His workers were trained at the highest level.My experience from these schools can not be described,in the school will receive the latest equipment and the most modern coaches.I would like this opportunity to welcome my very dear coach who has trained me everything before diving mister Mahesh.for all who want to dive or try for the first time this is the best school for you.thank you so much for my most beautiful experience,thank you very much mister Wisni Niranjana
07 Aug 2016 on TripAdvisor
I have always wanted to scuba dive but was scared since i didnt know swimming. during my stroll on the beach i discovered this diving centre at the end of the unawatuna beach. My diving instructor Sherly was extremely helpful and encouraging. he was very patient in training me on hoe to breathe under water and how to handle various situations. after about an hour of training we were ready to go to the deep waters. The experience was absolutely beautiful thanks to my diving instructor. he made sure i was ok and we went about 10 mtrs deep into the sea with a dive lasting for more than an hour. Would definitely recommend this place to all the scuba diving enthusiasts. Thanks for the lovely experience.