Mishter_Dahby, Australia
08 Oct 2019 on TripAdvisor
I spent a long time searching for the best way to trek Sapa without having a negative influence on the local communities and luckily found Chan on TripAdvisor. It was hands down the most amazing experience: She took us off the beaten track away from the tourist traps, we saw waterfalls and gorgeous rice paddies and everything you want from your Sapa experience. But the best part? Chan herself! We learned what life is like for the minority communities, the workings of their culture, clothes, lifestyle... All from the most hilarious, kind person we've met in a while. We are both vegetarian and gluten free and when we stayed the night in her home with her family, they cooked us delicious food (while we did a shoddy job at making rice paper rolls!). It was a home full of love (and cute kids and puppies). We wouldn't book with anyone else next time we come back! P.S. There are a lot of companies that offer homestay tours but the money just goes to the owners living in Europe. Make the right choice and go with a local.
08 Oct 2019 on TripAdvisor
I found Chan via trip advisor two weeks ago and was so lucky she had availability to take my partner and I trekking for two days. We were worried that going with a company (like Sapa sisters or another) might mean the H'mong women aren't getting all of the money and we wanted to cut out the middleman and give directly to the minority community. THIS is the way to do that. And one of the only ways as a lot of the companies (including Sapa sisters which is owned by a westerner) aren't even owned by local people. It's sad to know that someone is taking money out of these communities. So give directly to a local family and keep the money in these minority communities to help them thrive and live more comfortable lives. Chan was an absolutely incredible guide. She took us on paths without all the other tourists and taught us so much about the way of life for these minority groups. She shared stories of her family and community and took so much time to explain whatever we were wondering about. She was also very good because I am recovering from a knee injury and she always have me options of easier or more difficult paths which was such a blessing. Having a guide all to yourself really allows you to learn so much more and build a relationship. We had a lot of laughs and loved her beautiful home. Best night I've slept so far in Vietnam. Also, I'm Celiac and when talking to Chan about needing to steer clear of wheat and sauces containing it, she and her family were excellent. I felt so comfortable and was able to try so much local food that I usually any because communication is hard. If you need gluten free or wheat free food I highly recommend Chan. She also catered for us being vegetarian! Her home is lovely. She is lovely. Her family is lovely. Stop looking and go with Chan, you'll be in the best hands. I can't wait to come back in the future!
03 Oct 2019 on TripAdvisor
We trekked with Chan for 2 days and stayed over in her house for the night. The experience was full of nature, waterfalls, bamboo forests and the view was amazing! Chan was fluent in English, so she could really share details about the way of living of the village and any question we could have think of. The overnight stay was an authentic experience, the dinner the family prepared was the best we had in Vietnam. Chan have private room, and everything is sparkly clean. Unforgettable experience! Really recommended
Tal T, Israel
02 Oct 2019 on TripAdvisor
Chan and her family are amazing. We did a trekking from sapa to their beautiful home stay, had the best dinner we had in Vietnam so far!!! The rooms are clean and tidy, and the view is stunning. Chan is an energetic 26 years old lady, with great English so she’s able to explain everything (people along the way was very envy that we have her)!! On the following day we did another trekking, the views are amazing, the rice terraces, bamboo forest, waterfall and Chan just makes the way so fun. It was an authentic, and one of the best experiences we had in the country. When you’re in Sapa, don’t miss this home stay!
sa1125, New York
28 Sep 2019 on TripAdvisor
We did the two days one night tour with Chan in early September as the end of our Vietnam honeymoon. We LOVED Vietnam and our trek with Chan was our absolute favorite part. When we reached out, we told her we wanted a challenging and non-tourist filled trek through Sapa. It was challenging throughout and Chan kept checking on us to make sure it wasn’t too much and we didn’t want to take easier routes. There were occasional tourists in the beginning parts of the tour, but 95 percent of the day, we were the only non locals around. The views were fantastic and just kept getting better as the day went on. The best part however, was just talking with Chan, learning so much about the culture and way of life among her people and getting to spend time and cook dinner with her, her kids, and her husband. We highly highly highly recommend, and hope to come back one day and do it again!