19 Jun 2019 on TripAdvisor
We had a lovely trip up to the top of Sanpan at a total of 2143 meters. There were beautiful rivers and waterfalls all the way up to the topp. The scenery was absolutely perfect. Su (our guide) was very nice, kind and funny. He had good knowledge of the nature, the mountains and the history of Sapa / Sanpan. Su was a great chef and made both breakfast and dinner for us. The whole trip went smoothly, and the pace was regulated by our level. Su speaks perfect English and therefore the trip becomes much easier. He arranged everything practically before, during and after the trip. The only thing we did ourselves was lifting our legs up and down. I would therefore recommend Su to anyone considering hiking/trekking Sanpan. ;) Thank you Su. Best regards Fredrik and Maria
372irisv, Netherlands
03 Jun 2019 on TripAdvisor
We did a one day hike via Su. His wife La showed us around and gave us insight in life around Sa Pa. She is a very lovely guide and we really enjoyed spending time with her. We did a track were not a lot of tourists were as well. We were very lucky with the weather. Su responded very quickly on my request and arranged everything very well. If you are in Sa Pa, highly recommended!
martiii55, Illinois
10 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
On a 4 month trip to Vietnam, where I saw everything from the Mekong Delta, bustling HCMC, Hoi An, and busy Hanoi, trekking with Su was one of my favorite experiences. I didn't want to give my money to some large tourism company, and found Su on Facebook. He was so professional, kind, and knowledgeable, and he made 3 girls feel safe the entire weekend. We did a 2 day hike and opted to stay in his guest house, which was rich with culture and good times. For the price, I felt like I was getting the best possible experience of SaPa, and I would much rather do something to directly support Su and his family rather than a huge corporation. I would (and have) recommended Su and his tours to all of my friends!
10 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
If you are looking for a tour guide to do a trek through the Sapa area and it’s villages, look no further! I heard of Su from word of mouth from a friend, and he is truly wonderful at what he does. My friends and I did a 2 day 1 night trek that took us through picturesque rice fields, a bamboo forest, and a waterfall. It is a very doable trek albeit tiring trek (do except a bit of soreness afterwards). You’ll sleep very well the night of! The homestay accommodations for the evening are in a small town a bit out of Sa Pa. It is quiet, clean, beautiful, and by far the best food we had during our time there, and you can choose to drink some locally made rice wine. Even better, if you make the effort to get to know Su, you will understand just how kind and hardworking he and his wife are. Along the hike, local women will walk with you and attempt to help you out at the slippery or tougher spots. You can let them know you’re not interested, and they’ll stop following. Otherwise, if you allow them to help you along the trek, you might be expected to buy something handmade (purse, wallet, etc.) We didn’t mind buying a purse or two for their kind help, but it is a bit on the pricer side of 250.000 to 400.000 vnd. Thank you, Su, for showing us around your home and giving us a glimpse of your culture. It was an unforgettable experience.
10 Apr 2019 on TripAdvisor
It was a memorable experience. However we were not very lucky with the weather (it was very foggy when we reached the top), but we enjoyed the hiking very much and our guide and the porters did their best. The mushrooms they picked and cooked for us were very delicious. We also encountered lots of beautiful flowers along the way. I strongly suggest Cat Cat path for people looking for a rather demanding hike with lots of view point possibilities.