19 Dec 2019 on Trip Advisor
Starts earlier than other tours. The kayaking was so peaceful and stunning with no other tour groups around. Lunch prepared on the boat was excellent. Crew on boat approachable and friendly service. Bonus about this tour group on our day was 17 people can be up to 25 but no more which for us was great. Mixed age groups welcome too.
12 Dec 2019 on Trip Advisor
Tour guide Kong was great, full of energy and information about the route. Great itinerary including kayaking, swimming and hiking on monkey island. Lunch on the boat was great and the price for additional drinks was fair.
12 Dec 2019 on Trip Advisor
We had such a great time for this cruise. The sceneries were awesome and from start to end, our guide (Kong) was really thoughtful, full of joy and happiness with great stories to share at every point. The high season was over so we had the bay for ourselves and ate in a peaceful place (meal was serve on the boat & quantities were more than enough). Worth every dong spent !
Katie S
12 Dec 2019 on Trip Advisor
I wasn’t going to write a review because it’s not going to be a great one, and I thought I’d save the company a complaint, however I’ve been pestered so many times via email, that here it is. The landscape itself is incredible, so I would highly advise doing this trip, I’d just advise going with a different company. Here’s why: -the boat is very small, meaning that everyone on the top deck is cramped together without room to lie and sunbathe- you either have to sit on small stools or on the floor. Having done this trip before with another company and also looking at other similar boats, this was one of the worst. -during the kayaking activity there was no mention of the Cat Ba Langurs until afterwards, luckily having been on this trip with a different and more informative company before, we knew to wait silently in a little lagoon once the rest of our group had gone back out through the cave, and we saw the langurs which was an amazing experience considering they’re so rare. We were the only 2 of our whole group who got to do this, and only because of our own knowledge. -the guide was so patronising I felt as though I was on a school trip for kindergarteners -the guide did not at all explain the climb on monkey island well, resulting in many people having to turn round and go back down. At the beginning he boasted about how fast he could go up and said he’d go first and fast and the fast people could follow him and the people who were slow or unsure should go at the back, rather than him staying to support those who were more unsure or slower -he rambled on for ages about how dangerous the monkeys on monkey island were and then told us all to go to the toilet (baring in mind there were over 20 of us) and seconds later rushed us into the boat for the island shouting at us to hurry up- that’s not how 20+ people and 2 toilets work. -he didn’t explain which food was vegetarian and which was meat at lunch, resulting in a vegetarian eating meat Like I said, wasn’t going to review but they pestered me so frequently, so here you go! Definitely do the trip, but not with these guys.
12 Dec 2019 on Trip Advisor
We had the best boat day with Kong who was the sweetest guide ever! We loved everything: marvellous landscapes, fun kayaking, great lunch, rock climbing at monkey island and of course jumping from the boat! As it was low season, we were only 8 on the boat which was just perfect. We had a really fun day and Kong gave us a lot of infos and was extremely nice :) Would 1000000% recommend!